Tommy Found a Mommy!


I’m not spilling the beans on this one yet. I have too many cute photos and videos to share before I stop the cuteness. I’m often asked what I get out of fostering. It’s actually a bit of work and expense. You have these little hellions in your home for weeks at a time and then you give them up to someone else. Well, I get a very happy feeling that I’ve raised sweet little animals with (mostly) nice manners who will be easily adopted to a loving home because of my (our) hard work. A Burlingame Kitten is a quality item! 🙂 But mostly THIS (above) is the reason I do it. No words needed.

Our whole family has enjoyed this little creature. Jim has enjoyed the fireplace sleepovers with Tommy.


This mattress is lumpy!

And Mulder has really fallen in love with his little buddy.


The last nap

Tommy made some new friends!


I spent a week with Miss Ewika!


I like CWEAM in my kitty coffee Miss Liz!

And he even took a trip to Mississippi.


Car wides are gweat!

Tomorrow or the next day I’ll reveal Tommy’s new home. Trust me on this. He hit the jackpot! 🙂

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