Tom Terrific!

Here are some more pics and stories about our little houseguest Tom Kitten. He continues to relax in the Burlingame house and he gets along famously with the human occupants.


Are you my mommy?

His favorite continues to be the hairy human named Jim.


This one’s my favorite!


Real men love kittens.

Tom continues to try to make friends with the big tan kitty in the house. Sometimes he can sneak up on him and sit by him for a few minutes.


If I’m weely still maybe he won’t notice me.


He’s allowed to cuddle just as long as he doesn’t try to use Mulder’s “faucets”.


I was just thirsty!

When Tom first came here to stay with us, he enjoyed hiding under his little fleece blanket he got from the Shelter.


I swear this thing just moved.

On thing Tommy does NOT like about living here is getting a regular bath. Kittens often show up with fleas or dried on ick stuck to their fur so we bathe him every other day in Dawn; the  same stuff they use on the oily ducks. He HATES it and he sulks for a long time after. If he can snuggle in his towel with his “Jim” he calms down and gets over it.


It’s OK honey, I cropped out your bald spot.

Needless to say we are head over heels about this little guy. He is the most loving kitten ever and we enjoy his antics. PLEASE consider adopting Tommy or alerting a friend who might love to have this little pester-head in their family.


Some days you just feel like falling asleep in your toy box!


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