Tommy Needs a MOMMY!

Enjoy this SHAMELESS video of Mr. Mulder giving Tommy a bath.


 We’ve had little Tom Kitten for over a month now. He’s battled weight loss, diarrhea, fleas, ring worm and viral infection. He’s a very tuff little guy and he’s growing into a sweet, healthy pet. I am still determined to adopt him from my home to someone I know, but in the end, he will eventually have to return to the shelter if I’m unsuccessful. 😦


I’ll hide you Tommy!

Mr. Mulder is the one cat in our family who tends to “adopt” our foster kittens, but this time all of our cats have “tolerated” little Tommy more than any other kitten we’ve fostered before. Miss Rowdy is a temperamental diva who seems to enjoy this pestery little guy as long as he can be still.



You got two minutes Kid.

Even Sammy, our grouchiest cat has had a few friendly moments with Tommy.



Are you a mommy kitty?

The shelter does a great job finding homes for these sweet babies and I know Tommy will find a forever home soon after I deliver him into their caring hands. BUT, I really want to find him a home myself so I can keep up with him as he grows up. Please share my contact info with anyone you know who may be interested in adopting Tommy.


Tom Terrific!

Here are some more pics and stories about our little houseguest Tom Kitten. He continues to relax in the Burlingame house and he gets along famously with the human occupants.


Are you my mommy?

His favorite continues to be the hairy human named Jim.


This one’s my favorite!


Real men love kittens.

Tom continues to try to make friends with the big tan kitty in the house. Sometimes he can sneak up on him and sit by him for a few minutes.


If I’m weely still maybe he won’t notice me.


He’s allowed to cuddle just as long as he doesn’t try to use Mulder’s “faucets”.


I was just thirsty!

When Tom first came here to stay with us, he enjoyed hiding under his little fleece blanket he got from the Shelter.


I swear this thing just moved.

On thing Tommy does NOT like about living here is getting a regular bath. Kittens often show up with fleas or dried on ick stuck to their fur so we bathe him every other day in Dawn; the  same stuff they use on the oily ducks. He HATES it and he sulks for a long time after. If he can snuggle in his towel with his “Jim” he calms down and gets over it.


It’s OK honey, I cropped out your bald spot.

Needless to say we are head over heels about this little guy. He is the most loving kitten ever and we enjoy his antics. PLEASE consider adopting Tommy or alerting a friend who might love to have this little pester-head in their family.


Some days you just feel like falling asleep in your toy box!


…And the Cuteness Continues

So we still have our little foster kitten and I’m way behind in my blog posts so here is a bit from two weeks ago…


Tommy’s favorite human

It never fails. I pick them up from the shelter, feed them, bathe them, clean their litter box and take them to the vet, AND THEY ALWAYS LIKE JIM THE BEST! Oh well, someone has to be the tuff parent.


Wowdy taught me about SUNBEAMS!

The little guy loves to find sunbeams on the floor and stretch out for a nap.

Tommy had a visit from my friend Sherry and her son. They wanted to see if their doggie might get along with a tiny kitten. Sadly it did not work out. Her puppy thought Tommy looked too delicious!


I just want a little taste!

Now that the weather is cooler we are making fires in our fireplace and Tommy is mesmerized. Now Jim has a buddy when he falls asleep on the floor!  🙂


Daddy has sharp hips!

I’m not going to be able to take this little man back to the shelter. I’m in love with his sweet personality and fighting spirit. I’m making it my mission to adopt him from home to someone I know, or to a friend of someone I know who wants to give this little guy a loving home.  I have lots more pictures and stories to share about Little Tom Kitten so stay tuned. Please share this with anyone who might be able to add him to their family.