A New Adventure


My cute handyman.

Jim would hate that I took his picture and called him “cute” but he doesn’t read my blog so he’s never gonna find out! He finally let me put the sign in the yard. I’ve been begging for a month, but he said he had lots of work to do on the house first so I was just going to have to wait. Our plan is to sell Old Yeller where we’ve lived for 10 years, move into the Pink House, while we build the Green House. The new house will be small and efficient for two old folks entering their mid-fifties and who are sick and tired of spending every weekend on yard work!

We’ve loved living in our sweet yellow house but we want to design and build just one more. Hannah always said we should do it again and she was looking forward to helping us with ideas (if not actual labor) 🙂


So here we go! Wish us luck. I’m super happy and excited and Mr. Scrooge is very worried and stressed. Opposites do indeed attract. 🙂

8 thoughts on “A New Adventure

  1. Wow. I am SO impressed! You have done it before AND you’re willing to do it again- amazing. Joe and I have trouble agreeing on bedspreads, I cannot imagine designing a house together.

  2. Not just anyone deserves to be the new owner of this home. It is so full of love and zanyness and they will get to have all that right across the street. Whoever they are, they are in for a treat. Best of luck, guys, on this new adventure

  3. You’re a natural at home decor, Deb, just as you are at writing What an adventure ahead. Can’t wait to see it unfold!

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