…And They Just Keep Coming

Here’s a little video of Wade enjoying his pool.

This video doesn’t exist
This video doesn’t exist

Wade has attracted visitors like no other pet I’ve ever fostered. There are four children in the Pink House this week and they came by for a Ducky experience yesterday afternoon.


Oh Joy!

More of the Cofer ladies paid visits to my new little friend as well.


I’m stealing those shades Vivy!


Matriarch Brenda, & newest granddaughter Drew.


And my friend and pet-sitter Caroline.

They do grow ’em purty in this family!

May pal Kim came by too after checking on our buddy Aflac.


Rowdy was on hand to supervise Wade’s first swimming lessons.


No Wowdy, he does not need you to get in the pool with him!

3 thoughts on “…And They Just Keep Coming

    • I’m not sure. But they’ve had baby chicks in their lives since they were babies themselves. Tony is the only one who might be a threat, but we never leave him alone with them. Mulder actually seems to like little birds and wants to play with them. 🙂

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