So Ducking Cute!

Shortly after we got Wade settled, one of my neighbors brought a lone duck egg he found on the shore. (Thanks, Steve) It was obviously not in a nest and there was no way to tell where to put it back. I thought I could try to incubate it with my heat lamp but first I candled it to see if there was a duck in it. Nope. It was unfertilized. So guess what? I ate it! It was delicious! Before I did though, I took a picture of it beside a chicken egg. We get our eggs from Jack & Linda Jackson. They have a chicken farm and their eggs are 100 times better than anything you can buy in a store. But look at the difference between a duck egg and a chicken egg!!!


Huge yolks that sit up almost an inch and BRIGHT orange.

If you’ve never tried a duck egg I highly recommend it. They’re also great to bake with and taste richer thank a chicken egg. If you find one near the lake give it a try.  JUST MAKE SURE THERE’S NO DUCK IN IT FIRST!

Wade is growing and getting cuter by the minute. All of the kitties have met him and some are more interested than others.



Can I just have a little taste?

Yesterday I filled my backyard pool and Wade took it for a little spin.


Tiny baby duck in a great big pool!

He’s actually too little to be doing this since he hasn’t learned how to spread oil on his feathers, so I just let him splash around for about 5 minutes while I stood guard. Eventually he got the hang of it and executed some pretty fancy dives! I have a much smaller kiddie pool that will suit him better. I’ll try to take some video of his antics later this week.

The lovely ladies swarm the house when I have cute foster creatures and this time is no different.


Miss Brenyn-Neighbor, friend, Pink House assistant and pet-sitter extraordinaire!

As with all my foster babies, I introduced Wade to Mr. Mulder. This old man has seen his share of baby kitties, chickens and bunnies in his day. Wade enjoyed his soft fur and Mulder let him waddle around on his back for a while. Then Tony started to look a bit interested so we put the tasty little duckling back in his brooder.


Are you my mommy?

I think this little guy is gonna be fine. Come by anytime to play. In a few months we may be able to introduce him to his ducky friends on the lake.  Meantime, I’m having more fun than an old lady should be allowed to have. 🙂

8 thoughts on “So Ducking Cute!

  1. He’s soooo cute. I’ve got another Foster kitty Savannah found him under the hood Of a car. He’s is the one of the sweetest babies I’ve seen loves to cuddle with His nana and Savannah is keeping him . We were about to battle over him I’m reaaal attached . She is always finding these kittens n I end up fostering them and I love it.


  2. I was having withdrawals. So glad you are posting here again, and to think I missed the first one about this little fella and had to go back and read it. Makes for good reading here on family vacation. Deb to the rescue once again!!!

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