Lucky Ducky

The last time I posted an original KittyBunnyChicken was April! I guess nothing “blogworthy” has happened here lately but I do have a good one today!

The story begins with two little girls playing at the neighborhood pool. Miss Kyleigh & Miss Sylvia were having a fun day splashing around in the sunshine when they noticed a tiny creature struggling at the edge of the pool. Kyleigh’s grandpop came to the rescue and scooped out a little duck who had been separated from his family. (Thanks Bruce) Who ya gonna call? Me, of course! Still sweaty from mowing the yard, I leaped on my mighty steed (golf cart) and raced to the pool to save the little guy.


Peep peep peep

He was certainly no more than 24 hours out of the shell and he was soaking wet. I asked (ordered) my assistant (Jim) to go into the storage closet and get all my chicken brooder supplies and make a habitat for my new pet while I zoomed off to Tractor Supply (still sweaty) and got some food for him. By the time I got home, the little guy was dry and toasty under the heat lamp and he had fresh water in his cage. We filled the chick feeder with baby duck food and tried to stick his beak in the water and food several times for him to get the message on how to eat.

It took a few hours for him to get the message but soon he was drinking and eating and running around with lots of energy and noise. Soon the two young ladies who saved him paid a visit to check on the tiny duckling.


Miss Sylvia


Miss Kyleigh

These beauties have been visiting the Burlingame Kitty Bunny Chicken Duck Ranch and Turtle Rehab Center for many years. I have watched them grow from tiny toddlers to lovely young ladies. Both are great animal lovers and I hope my critters have had something to do with that.

I’m looking forward to raising this little guy and having fun with a new pet. How do I know it’s a boy? I don’t. But I named him “Wade” in the meantime. (think about it…) and I’ll choose a girl’s name if the situation changes. I woke up this morning hoping that he had made it through the night and I was happy to hear his sweet little quacks as soon as I opened my eyes.


My baby “duck” on the wall in the background. 🙂

Come by and meet Wade! The more human interaction he has, the tamer he will be. He’s so soft and sweet. Thank you Kyleigh, Sylvia, Bruce & Wendy for rescuing a helpless animal. I may have to change the blog to KITTYBUNNYCHICKENDUCK!

4 thoughts on “Lucky Ducky

  1. …and Holy One said, I need someone who will take in my tiny fur, feather,and shell- covered ones who need a human touch to survive. .But that someone must be strong enough to overcome the heartbreak of letting them go when the time comes. And….Deb was born.

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