Smitten With Britain

I just enjoyed the loveliest couple in the Pink House!


Having international guests stay with me is always a great treat. Usually such travelers are on a tour of a certain region of the USA and most of these guests are interested in History, Civil Rights, Southern Heritage, Architecture and food. For Mark & Deanne, the Pink House was the last stop for them after a two week tour of the Southeast. They enjoyed a restful visit but they did manage to see some of our great attractions, (Dexter Avenue Church-where they both sang Amazing Grace from the pulpit, Hank Williams’ Museum, The Rosa Parks Center and Chris’ Hot Dogs) This last stop was recommended by moi. I told them that coming to Montgomery and not eating at Chris’s is like visiting DC without seeing the Lincoln Memorial! It’s just not done. They loved everything and were so complementary about the people they met and the gorgeous weather we provided for them.

I went to clean my cottage this morning and was surprised and thrilled to see that they had left snacks galore and lots of soft drinks and beer. The place was cleaner than when they arrived and they’d written a sweet guest message in my guest book. But the best thing of all!


OMG Can we talk about this pillow!

The Union Jack never looked so good! They said they found this in the UK and bought it for the Pink House before they left on their trip. I just love it! This sweet couple were so interesting and fun to talk to. I hope to see them again someday and maybe we will because they come to the US every year. Mark & Deanne are singers and entertainers and they’ve even entertained our troops overseas.

Thanks guys! Y’all come again soon!

8 thoughts on “Smitten With Britain

  1. That pillow was just made to be in the Pink House!!!! How perfect. When your guests leave gifts you know you are doing things right❣️ But then, there has never been a question of your hostess skill, sweet Deb.

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