Happenings on the B’Game Ranch

Trax finally had his little visit to the vet so he will no longer be trying to express his passionate feelings to our poor cats. Rowdy is his favorite, but this poor confused bunny is also highly attracted to Mr. Mulder.


Mommy please tell him I’m a CAT and I’m a BOY!

Trax will be much happier now that he’s altered since bunnies are always looking for “dates” until they have their “snip snip”. I even had to rescue my bedroom slipper from his embrace once or twice.


Well it was SHAPED like a bunny!

So he’s back home and he seems just fine. We will give him pain meds for a few days and as soon as the testosterone leaves his system, he’ll be a much more welcome guest in our back yard.



What would YOU do if the shelter called and asked if this little girl could live with you for two weeks?

Of course I said YES! And I got two others as a bonus.


Three stinky little ladies.

They’ve already had neighborhood visitors.


These little girls were so gentle. 🙂

And Mr. Mulder has begun his foster kitty training program…


…and stay away from doggies and snakes. And never get on the kitchen counter unless no one is home.

But they mostly just like to sleep.




Being this cute requires a LOT of beauty sleep.

Jim’s life also continues to rich and full with a variety of hobbies and interests.


Right Jim?

Oh well, I tell him every day how lucky he is to be married to me. Someone has to.

Come play with the kittens. I have them for another week!

8 thoughts on “Happenings on the B’Game Ranch

  1. Oh my goodness! That shot where there’s tabby foot escaping out from under tiny black and white kitten? Adorbs.

  2. Loved the new update. Who wouldn’t love those three little kittens❣️ Thanks for giving them a good place to start their little lives.

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