The Old Switcheroo!

I go to our local animal shelter often to bring shredded paper for the puppy room and also bunny and guinea pig supplies. On some occasions I see a bunny who looks very crowded and sad in his cage so I take him home to give him some fun while I look for a home for him. Recently I came home with a big bunny (Mini-lop) named Trixie. The shelter folks told me she was an old girl (8 years) and that she had been spayed. Her owners moved into an apartment and she could not go with them.


Meet Trixie

She adjusted well to our back yard and enjoyed the chicken coop for her night time home. She actually went in the coop at night just like a chicken would. She’s a smart docile old lady and all the cats except Tony like her. He keeps his distance and we we’re not quite sure why.

Trixie helps herself to our herb garden and treats it like her own personal bunny buffet.


Hannah planted all this on a sunny spring day about two years ago. It continues to thrive. 🙂

My plan was to get Trixie checked out by our vet Dr. Glasscock and let her enjoy a life of fun after being in a cage for so long. The log term plan though, was to take her to my friend Mary’s bunny rescue down in Florida. I’ve brought Mary bunnies and chickens before, and she provides a wonderful home for these homeless critters. She said she was in need of a lady bunny to pair with an lonely male. Pairing bunnies is important for them to be happy since they’re very social and sensitive animals; and the best pairs are male/female. While Mary was preparing a new habitat for Trixie and her new beau, we were just enjoying having a nice little backyard pet.


Today I took Trixie to the vet for a physical and to have her claws clipped. Guess what?


Meet Trax

Not only is “Trixie” a boy, he’s an UN-NEUTERED boy! This is a pretty good April Fools trick Mr. Trax!



At least this explains why Tony didn’t like him! Tony’s the alpha male around here so he felt threatened by a guy who still had his goodies. Well this will be taken care of Wednesday morning when Mr. Trax goes to the vet again for his “snip-snip” I guess we have a new bunny. There’s no way I’m taking him back to the shelter and Mary can’t accept another male bunny, so WELCOME TRAX to the Burlingame Kitty, Bunny, Chicken Ranch and Turtle Rehabilitation Center. What’s one more, right?








14 thoughts on “The Old Switcheroo!

  1. He was just playing an April Fools joke. Hey, he did good. He got a great new home!

    Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you – not because they are nice, but because you are. Author Unknown


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