Homeward Bob


Yesterday I took Bob to his forever home!


But I think it’s pweety fun here.

We have really enjoyed having this very sweet kitty visit us for a week. His tail is recovering nicely and he’s finished with his antibiotics. Bob had to be isolated from Tony since Tony is a b*st*rd, but he enjoyed a little interaction with Rowdy, Sammy and Mr. Mulder while he was our houseguest.


I wish I could come out and play!

You’ll remember that my friend’s sister Cathy was the initial rescuer. So I got her address in Millbrook and took Bob for a ride to reunite with his savior.


Thank you Cathy for your kindness.

I dropped the little guy off, and about 30 minutes after delivery his new mommy arrived.



Does this young lady look like a fun mommy or what?

It took four humans to rescue one little bob-tailed cat and it was worth every bit of effort, time and money. Thank you Tina, Cathy and Jenni for helping one of God’s little creatures.  Have a great life Little Bob!

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