Homeward Bob


Yesterday I took Bob to his forever home!


But I think it’s pweety fun here.

We have really enjoyed having this very sweet kitty visit us for a week. His tail is recovering nicely and he’s finished with his antibiotics. Bob had to be isolated from Tony since Tony is a b*st*rd, but he enjoyed a little interaction with Rowdy, Sammy and Mr. Mulder while he was our houseguest.


I wish I could come out and play!

You’ll remember that my friend’s sister Cathy was the initial rescuer. So I got her address in Millbrook and took Bob for a ride to reunite with his savior.


Thank you Cathy for your kindness.

I dropped the little guy off, and about 30 minutes after delivery his new mommy arrived.



Does this young lady look like a fun mommy or what?

It took four humans to rescue one little bob-tailed cat and it was worth every bit of effort, time and money. Thank you Tina, Cathy and Jenni for helping one of God’s little creatures.  Have a great life Little Bob!

A “Tail” of Two Kitties

Nugget is doing well and I wanted to update you on his progress. Yesterday, after Tina left, he had a very serious talk with me regarding his name. He did not the think his name was appropriate because he had recently been separated from his two favorite “Nuggets” and calling him Nugget reminded him of this fact daily. He suggested a better name and one indicative of his new physique. So we came up with “Bob”. He likes this name much better, plus it has much more street cred than “Nugget”. So heretofore my foster kitty shall be called Bob. Make a note.



Jim came home from work and immediately began to make Bob fall in love with him. They all do. Jim is the Kitty Whisperer and there is not a kitty in Kittydom who can resist his charms.


I weely like dis guy!

Bob is a super sweet little guy. He loves to be scratched and rubbed and told how handsome he is. His lack of tailage does not seem to bother him in the least, and he struts around the office like the stunning creature he is. We can’t let him around the other cats since a scuffle would be bad for his recovery but he did meet Mr. Mulder briefly yesterday and they smelled each other politely without incident.


Mom, I think there’s somebody in there!

We give him his antibiotic twice a day and he will be finished with it by next week. After that, he just needs a safe place for his incision to heal so he can be as good as new. Bob is a champion litterboxer and has been no trouble at all. Please consider adopting this great yellow fellow. Contact me anytime for a visit and a cuddle with our little patient.


Meanwhile we’ll make sure he has plenty of toys to play with. 🙂

A Nugget of Kindness

My friend, neighbor and fellow animal advocate, Tina called me yesterday to tell me a terrible story about a young cat who had been abused and was in need of a place to recuperate. Her sister, Cathy happened upon this little guy whose tail had been badly burned and was infected.

IMG_3717 (327x340)

Out of the kindness of her heart she took him to her vet to be treated and neutered. The vet needed to amputate his tail and “Nugget” needed a place to recuperate until a home could be found for him. This is where Jim and I came in. Tina called and asked if we could keep him for a while and of course we said yes. I fixed up my office and he will stay as long as needs be until he is well enough to go to his forever home.

If you’d like to visit our new houseguest and perhaps decide to make him your own, this would be great. Or if you know of a good home in need of a cute little “Bob” cat, please let them know that we’d love for them to visit.

When I hear about stuff like this my blood boils and my heart breaks. I’ve often said I like animals more than people and it’s partly true. Thank you Tina, and thank your sister for her kindness. Now lets find little Nugget a good home. 🙂