Duck Amuck

For weeks now, some of our Waters neighbors have been seeing Aflac on Sweet Tea lake, or Jake Lake. I’ve been skeptical because Aflac can’t fly and it seems unimaginable that he could walk that far to another lake. Plus this mystery duck has been cavorting with GEESE, and Aflac hangs exclusively with mallards and wood duck in Lake Cameron.


These be my PEEPS!

For non-neighbors, I refer you to an earlier post where I introduced our celebrity water fowl last October.

So imagine my surprise when I spotted a white duck among a flock of geese in Lake Sweet Tea this morning. Well I’ll be gobsmacked! Aflac CAN walk and he DOES enjoy the company of geese!

And then I got a little closer…


Notice the black on his tail.

The picture is fuzzy since I couldn’t get very close, but this new “duck” is completely white and he has black feather’s on his tail. You wouldn’t see the black spot at all if you saw him swimming with his geese buddies, so from a distance he would look almost exactly like Aflac. I did a few tests to confirm my suspicions that he was indeed NOT our pet duck and then I was convinced. First I called him. AAAAAAFFFLAAAAAAC! You’ve no doubt heard a deranged middle-aged mad-woman screaming off her front porch several days a week. When I call for this guy he answers me…WAAAANK, WANK! And he makes a bee-line for my cup full of corn. This fellow walked calmly away from the crazy lady and didn’t even look back.


Is this chick for real?

Another clue to his identity was that he does not waddle like our portly friend. Aflac is, shall we say, “gravitationally challenged” and he walks much like yours truly after a very long and heavy Thanksgiving dinner. This guy strolls smoothly like his geese pals. And the final piece of the puzzle…although I couldn’t capture it on camera, our new friend “flew” a bit as he made his way to the water.

Aflac can’t fly. 😦

So who is this new member of the Waters’ family?


I’m a Snow Goose you dummy!

I googled “white duck with black tail” and was able to identify this guy. Wikipedia has some interesting info on his migration patterns. Knock yourself out.

This information explains his propensity to hang with geese as well. So I say welcome neighbor! We hope you have fun here on your layover and we’d love it if you’d stay a while. There’s always room in Aflac’s posse for another birdy buddy.


And don’t be skeered of that weird lady. She feeds us CORN!

The next order of biz-ness is naming our new friend. Ideas?

(A kind neighbor, Tina, corrected his breed. He’s a Ross’ Goose. Exactly the same duck but a smaller size.) Thanks Tina! So with this new information I think the name of our new friend is clear.

ROSS he is! Now we need to find him a “Rachel”. 🙂

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