Buster Burlingame 2007-2017

Buster crossed the rainbow bridge today. He had been sick for a very long while and with the help of our beloved vet, Dr. Glasscock, we attempted all kinds of remedies and treatments. During the last year he’s had a variety of illnesses but this last one was hard to treat and he was not getting better. It’s called “head tilt”. I won’t go into the details here, but it’s a difficult disease to treat. It causes them to lose their equilibrium and their heads are turned at an angle.


Notice his head is almost upside down. This was his last day outdoors.

Eventually he could not get upright and Jim had to feed him by hand and give him water in a plastic syringe. He stopped using his litter box so we had to keep him clean by washing his bottom in the sink. He quit eating his pellets and hay and would only eat salads. Jim got up in the middle of the night to give him a salad in case he was hungry.


Eventually we realized that it was time to let go of our sweet little pet. Buster lived with us for nine and a half years. He made his home in the laundry room and played outdoors in our backyard on nice weather days. He made friends with chickens, ducks, cats, kittens, turtles and dogs.

This morning he had lost the ability to move around and he looked very tired and sad.


I had been thinking that we should let him go for a few weeks but Jim wanted to try everything before he came to that decision. After seeing his condition when we woke up, he said, “It’s time”. We spent the morning taking turns holding and petting him. Buster never liked to be held but without any control over his movement we were able to put him in our laps and pet his soft fur. He seemed to enjoy it. It’s the only time we were ever able to hold him like that.


First Easter!

He provided so many years of love, humor and gentleness to our family. He tolerated pesky kittens and baby chicks. He allowed us to indulge our silly human indignities.


Buster and Scarlett

We took him to Dr. Glasscock and carried a small piece of banana with us. We broke it into pieces and fed it to him while we waited in the exam room. He loved it. He seemed peaceful and relaxed. After it was over, we took him home and buried him in our pet cemetery. I put his memorial bunny on his grave and Jim got Boo Boo’s bunny from hers and put them together.


Some of you may remember Boo Boo. She was a very sweet little sister to Buster and they really loved each other. Now they’re together with Dave, Missy, Boots, Rosie, Daisy & Violet…and Hannah.



Buster and his best friend Boo Boo. She died five years ago. 😦


Good bye sweet Buster Man. We’ll miss you, Mommy, Daddy, Rowdy, Sammy, Tony & Mr. Mulder.

18 thoughts on “Buster Burlingame 2007-2017

  1. I’m so sorry, Deb. Buster was a sweet bunny and you and Jim are sweet bunny parents. Heaven is certainly filled with special angels. Love you.

  2. Sweet & much loved cousin, I am so very sorry! What a beautiful life y’all gave each other! I always loved reading about Buster and seeing pictures of his adorable escapdes. I am sending ALL of my hugs & love to you and Jim.

  3. I can feel your pain on this Debbie. Don’t know how many times I’ve sworn off ever again caring or having anything like another pet, or another wife. The pain is so great when they’re gone that it overshadows the good memories and good times…for a while. Time will allow it to become more bearable though, and while the pain will lessen (somewhat), you’ll have the good memories that will last. I’m sorry.

    • Larry thank you so much. Your words ring so true. Even though it was under sad circumstances, I was happy to see you. Please visit us any time you can. We’d love to get together sometime.
      Love you. Deb

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