One Year

Today we are going to chop down our Christmas tree. This has been a family tradition for almost every year of our marriage. Jim pretends to be a lumberjack and he saws down a mighty pine tree with his manly saw.¬† Later he poses beside his “kill” and we have great fun dragging it home and decorating.


Christmas 2014


Continuing this tradition last year was nearly impossible, but we knew we had to do it. Hannah would have wanted that.


Christmas 2015

Our family has goofy Christmas traditions just like any other. We always “forced” her to pose with one of our menagerie for a Christmas card.


Christmas 2007 Hannah & Boots



Christmas 2011

Hi Daisy! ūüôā


Hannah & Tony 2014

¬†This year has changed us. Hannah left us a year ago to be with God in Heaven and we remain to create the best life we can on Earth without her. We are trying. For anyone who has not lost a child there is no way to explain the grief. But overcoming it is possible in some small way if we try to be strong and live a life¬†Hannah would be proud of. We’ve experienced miracles and wonders this year.¬†Recalling them here¬†would make a list that some would shake their heads at. I’ll just leave you with this promise: God has wrapped his arms around us and shown us that Hannah is with him, and¬†that we will see her again. Those who know Jim and me, know that we have never been religious people. We still aren’t. But we have been shown the secret of life that was always right before our eyes.

All there is…is Love.

That sustains us. We feel it from God and from the loving family and friends who have helped us through this experience.



The Burlingame family wishes you and your loved ones a warm and happy Christmas.

God bless you Hannah B. We know He already has. Love, Mommy & Daddy