This is Your Kitten

This is your kitten on drugs.


No, he’s just loses all muscle control when he sleeps. 🙂

Meet Max, my awesome foster kitten!


Max has entered our home and our hearts.

This is one awesome guy, and he has taken control of the B’game household.


…and then there were FIVE!

A kind neighbor found Max roaming around her house. He was scared and sad, but in pretty good shape for a homeless guy. After she delivered him to the Burlingame kittybunnychicken rescue ranch and turtle rehabilitation center, his luck began to change.

His first friend in the house was Mr. Mulder.


At first Mulder was not sure about this little hellion.

But then…


They became true friends

Of course Max’s BEST friend is Jim.


Max’s favorite spot.

Soon he began finding all the secret hideouts of our other cats.


Rowdy’s super secret retreat on the closet deep freeze! Invaded by a little fur ball!


And Mulder’s laundry basket hide-a-way!

But Max’s idyllic lifestyle is about to take a very different turn…



Yes. Today I took him back to the shelter to get his SURGERY!



It’s OK Max. Go with this nice lady and I’ll pick you up tomorrow afternoon. After that, this guy is ready to be adopted from my house. Come one, come all, and make this amazing creature your newest family member! He’s been trained by Mr. Mulder and he will be a wonderful little pet. Hang tuff Max! See you tomorrow! Foster Mommy, Deb

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