Buster’s Ninth Birthday Party

Last week we had our ninth annual birthday bash for our bunny Buster. We had wine and snacks, and Jim made jambalaya, and of course we had carrot cake! Buster’s not much of a party animal so he stayed in his office (laundry room) and did paperwork (chewed sticks and ate hay). We’ve been having this little soiree for many years and there is a core crowd of visitors who have attended almost every one. Case in point…


I think Bruce & Wendy have perfect attendance.

Then there are some old standbys who almost always show up.


Gary, Linda, Leigh & GT

These two codgers are gonna build our new house next summer!


I’ll try not be too big of a pain! (Who are we kidding right?)

Everyone seemed to enjoy getting together and eating and renewing friendships.


Gwen & GT


Brusle & Ron


Ginger & Susna


Martha, Cathy & Irl

A new and relatively new neighbor discussed the joys of living next to the crazy Burlingame family.



Brenda (right) has lived next door for almost three years now and she hasn’t called the cops on me once! Nancy (left) just moved in last month and boy is she in for an awakening. I’ll behave Nancy! The pygmy goats and miniature pigs aren’t arriving until next spring.

The night wasn’t complete until we all sang happy birthday to the cutest little guy in the whole neighborhood.


…and the most patient.

My kind friends all donated money in Buster’s name and this year we raised $453 for the Montgomery Humane Shelter!



Buster is ready for the holiday season to begin and he wishes you all a happy Thanksgiving and Christmas for 2016.


All I want for Christmas is to NOT wear this hat!

Love you sweet friends. Love you Buster man. Love you Jim for putting up with this nonsense. I may be crazy, but at least you can’t say I’m boring! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Buster’s Ninth Birthday Party

  1. Loved the photos. Lovely folks in your neighborhood. Thank you Bun Bun for raising money for the furry ones at the animal shelter. Good birthday bash!

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