Pink Ladies

A few weeks ago my cousin Jeannie and a classmate I had not seen in over 30 years came to visit me and stay in the Pink House. Jeannie had been a PH guest previously, but Leah was a first timer.


Mini Reunion PHS Class of 1981

Leah was as sweet and goofy as I remember her. She was always a girl who marched to her own drum and I was happy to see that she had not changed a bit. We enjoyed catching up and dishing on our old classmates. (Merrilu, were your ears burning?)

I always enjoy the company of my crazy cousin Jeannie. She and I were both “Navy brats” and we share some similar experiences in our childhoods. I took this picture of my guests and I swear I had no idea that there would be chickens coming out of their heads.




They are holding precious prizes from my “count the flamingos” contest. Leah was the winner and she was the recipient of a priceless Beanie Baby named “Pinky”. Jeannie came close and won the coveted flamingo dinner napkins. I know these prizes will be treasured for years to come.

Jeannie brought gifts of wine (always a favorite) and a toy that brought a huge smile to my face. Jim is constantly telling me that if any more flamingos are added to the Pink House he’s leaving me.


Sorry, dude! This one is staying!

I really enjoyed your visit ladies. Come back anytime! (as long as your bring cool gifts)


6 thoughts on “Pink Ladies

  1. I loved every second of my visit, particularly the challenge to count the flamingoes (I can’t ignore a challenge). The friendships, food and treasure hunting were amazing as well! I’m going back someday FER SHER!

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