Long Time, No Post

It’s been over a month since I posted a new entry in the Kittybunnychicken. I have a very good reason for my absence. My mom was staying with me for several weeks healing from a wound in her leg. It had been neglected far too long so I went to Mississippi and kidnapped her for a month to get her well. It wasn’t fun (especially for Peggy) but we did get the wound healed and she returned to her beloved farm on Talowah Road and her little dog Taco. The reunion was magical.

Avert your eyes if you don’t want to see a gross picture of mom’s boo boo.


July 5



July 29th

I do not have a nurturing personality (with people) so it was challenging being “Nurse Deb” for a month. I’m grossed out by blood and pain and it took all my patience to be sweet and gentle. (Anyone who really knows me can attest to this) I am, however very proud that I was able to help her since she did give me life and all. Love you Peg Peg!

But all was not bandages and boo boos here on the Burlingame Ranch. Our sweet little Witness Protection kitty is still with us (two and a half months now). She’s healed from her skin condition and she has put on two whole pounds.


She enjoys getting snuggles and scratches from her humans, but she is still not too crazy about our other cats. This girls needs a home where she can be the only furry resident and one where she lives INSIDE a house. I am registering her with the shelter this week but she will stay with me until she’s adopted. I get to pick her new family and I really hope it will be a Waters neighbor or friend of a neighbor. My mom really fell in love with Dinky and wanted to take her home. Alas, her beagles and wiener dog would not make life too easy for this little kitty.


I weely like Peg Peg

I also had two visitors this week. These ladies used to be Waters peeps and I have missed seeing them around the hood.


Skeeter, stop feeding that kid!


Hudson is completely baffled by the rotary phone in the Pink House

And if this weren’t enough, some more former Waters residents dropped in to say howdy.


OK, Michelle, stop feeding this one too!

Michelle bottle fed the little guy in her arms. Could that really have been three years ago?

And finally, I recently competed in the Best of the Best Montgomery Advertiser 18th annual competition and won best Vacation Rental! This was fun and exciting for me but it really wasn’t much of a competition. There were only three in the running and one of them was a condo in Destin, FL! How did THAT sneak under the radar? Anyway, my Pink House will get a bit more exposure to the local community and that was the whole point of entering. The paper hosted the winners at a little reception with free drinks and snacks so I asked a dear pal to be my date for the evening.


Thanks Susna! Casino lighting is so flattering!

Well, that’s all I have for now. I hope to get back on track and post regularly. Thanks for checking in. Deb