Up a Tree!

That was the situation for this little kitten last week.


Look right in the center of the picture.

A kind neighbor posted this photo on our neighborhood FB page. It wasn’t long before another kind neighbor came to the rescue with a ladder and some canned tuna.


Thanks Whitney

Never underestimate the power of canned tuna in an kitten related emergency.


Quite a few interested neighbors witnessed the rescue.

Alas, no one wanted to take this little guy home so guess what?


Yep. He ended up at the B’game kitten ranch.

No big surprise here. My inn is quite full at the moment. I still have my “witness protection” kitty Dinky under my roof. She’s greatly improved and getting healthier everyday but she’s still not well enough to take to the shelter.


She’s a lot more relaxed in her indoor environment now. A LOT more!

Nevertheless, I couldn’t turn this little baby away so he took up residence in our kitty konvalescent home.


Mandatory Love Therapy-given by Dr. Daddy Jim

The rescue squad named the kitten “Cameron” since he was rescued near the shore of our neighborhood Lake Cameron. When Jim came home from work he correctly diagnosed the sex of the kitten to be female so she was renamed.


Mr. Mulder, meet Miss Cammi

So I have both felines in my office and they are thriving and learning the joys of living indoors with humans. Both are up for adoption and I would love to find a home for them with a friend or neighbor. Contact me if you’re interested in either of these sweet kitties. In the meantime, we will enjoy their company and keep them happy and healthy for a while longer. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Up a Tree!

  1. Kitties are falling out of sky trying to find Burlingame Rescue Farm. 😻 You are on the kitty list of best places to stay!

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