Animal Updates

If you’ve been wondering how Webster & Winnie are doing at their new home…


Wonder no more. 🙂

Thank you Brenda! They are actually smiling for the camera. 🙂

And in other duck news, we have a lone Pekin  duck who has managed to survive from Easter toy to full grown duck!


Meet Aflac

When I first saw him I was concerned for his safety, but somehow he has survived to adulthood and has even made friends at The Waters lakes.


Tony serves as the welcoming committee for Mr. & Mrs. Mallard and their new friend Aflac.

I keep cracked corn on my porch for him and my neighbors take portions several times a week to give Aflac a treat. It didn’t take long for two wild mallards to catch on to this trick and now the three can be seen together most of the time.

That’s some mighty good corn!

In kitty news…my little “Witness Protection” Kitty is still living with us, learning that being an INSIDE cat is da Bomb!


Beds ROCK!

She still suffers from a bad skin condition, but Dr. G has her on a regimen that should cure her within a few more weeks. Meantime, she is gaining weight and slooooowly learning to get along with our kitties. Her hard life of fending for herself outdoors conditioned her to be wary of all other animals and to react to them as a threat.


I remember “outside”. 😦

I hope to find her a good home when she’s well, but if I can’t I plan to put her on several social media PETFINDER sites. Help me PLEASE! Dinky is sweet and she craves love and affection. She would make someone a wonderful pet and she deserves a good home after all she’s been through.

And guess what! CHICKEN SQUAT!


Baby Rhode Island Reds!

I borrowed some chicks from my dad for a week because I needed babies to take to my yearly chicken presentation at Wilson Elementary School. I could not find any chicks in the nearby area so I received a little box from some girlfriends who came to visit the Pink House recently.


Thanks ladies!

More on these little cuties later, but as you can see, Mulder is already making sure these peeps know who’s boss.


Listen, I’m the big cheese around here, get it?


Daddy, please make them get off my back!

Well maybe not such a big cheese after all. 🙂










4 thoughts on “Animal Updates

  1. Dinky, I so hope you find your forever family. Thank you, Deb, for being you….for making a difference in so many critter’s lives.

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