Kitty Witness Protection Program

Recently a friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) performed a covert operation in order to save a neglected and sick little neighborhood cat. The operation was coordinated by me and “nameless” under cover of darkness and behind the veil of secrecy because we are pretty sure that this little girl is “owned” by someone in the neighborhood. We think she has lived outdoors most of her life and she has a very bad skin condition that needed proper treatment. I told “nameless” that if she could catch her and bring her to me, I would get her well and find her a proper home. So I put my kitty carrier on the porch with some food in it, my friend came and got it and put the poor little kitty in the carrier and brought her to sanctuary.


This is called a “bed”? I think I like beds.

 She was very thin and scared. Plus her body was covered in sores. It was very hard to even find a place to pet her because of the many sensitive areas on her body. Fur was almost completely gone from her neck and her ears were so covered in bites that she looked like they’d been chewed up. I fixed up a little safe area for her in my office and she ate some food and seemed like she would eventually calm down. The next morning she was happy to see me and wanted to sit in my lap and be scratched. Scratching her was impossible without hurting her but I found a little place on top of her head without sores and she began purring as I carefully stroked her there.


Yes, I REALLY like being inside. Nothing tries to eat me here.

 I got an appointment for her to see Dr. Glasscock that day and took her for a check up. Dr. G said that sometimes cats and dogs get so flea-bitten that they develop an allergic reaction to the bites and their skin erupts in sores. Upon examination, she found out that she HAD been fixed. Whew! She gave her a flea/worm treatment plus a steroid shot and said that we should begin to see improvement soon. And we did. 🙂 The sores began to clear up almost immediately and it was easy to find spot where we could pet her and scratch her little body to her heart’s content. She is very loving and sweet. I named her Dinky because she’s so small. I want to find a good INDOOR home for her soon so please let your friends know about her.


A neighbor stops by for some kitty love.

She’s had a very rough beginning to her life and I want the rest of it to be wonderful and happy. Thanks in advance for your help.

8 thoughts on “Kitty Witness Protection Program

  1. So glad you were able to help. Saw yellow cat the other day and it is in bad shape. Wish we could help it but as you know it won’t let you near it.

    • Yes his face has some tissue hanging from it. Jim has tried to help him so many times but he just can’t get near. He still eats and drinks from the porch but we just can’t catch him. I feel soooo sorry for him.

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