“Forever Home” Bound!

My foster kittens have all gone back to the shelter to find “forever” homes.


This is Cindy, the Volunteer Coordinator for MHS and my personal hero.

I always let the babies climb a tree ONCE before they leave my house. It’s against the rules, but I don’t think it’s a Federal crime.–DO NOT read this part Cindy!


Mulder keeps a watchful eye on his pupils.


You can do it Big Stripe!!!




What you don’t see is the poor kitty inside this boot.

I rescued him. 🙂

They had a lot of fun and learned a lot at the Kitten Ranch.


Rowdy instructs on the art of the perfect sunbeam

As always the kittens enjoyed a steady stream of young lady visitors.


These kids swim in an AMAZING gene pool!



My lovely pet sitter was sad to see them go.


And of course the other furry animal in my house will miss them too.


Little Stripe


But she knows it’s worth it for them to find loving “forever” homes.

TOTALLY worth it! 🙂

8 thoughts on ““Forever Home” Bound!

  1. Better be glad that kitten didn’t rush up the tree and hop over the fence onto a waiting coyote….or worse! I tried not to have too much of a stroke when I saw that.
    Thank you for saving their sweet lives!

    • BUSTED! Sorry Cindy. I try to be good. Mulder had already scanned the perimeter for coyotes and wildebeests so we felt pretty confident they would be OK. Thanks for not firing me. Little Stripe (Logan) is with our other pets in our memorial garden. 😦

  2. Great post. There will be more little animals that need your care – I’m sure. U & Jim have a special gift for helping & nurturing baby animals. Keep up the good work. MC

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    • Thank you MC. We enjoy it very much. Little Stripe didn’t make it. We had to have him euthanized. 😦 He had an inoperable problem with his digestion. Sometimes you have to do the hard things for the right reason. Love you! Come back soon! Deb

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