I Am a Chick Magnet

No wait, let me explain. If there is an orphaned chicken within 100 miles of me, she will find a way to make it to my back yard. As of last count, I’ve actually had 7 foster chickens (or ducks) in singles or pairs since 2012. No kidding. Complete strangers have called me and asked if I’m the “chicken lady” who lives in the Waters. I love the title and am happy an honored that folks come to me for help with homeless birds and animals of all kinds. Recently I got a call from my beloved vet, Dr. Lydia Glasscock (Goodwin Animal Hospital) and she wanted to know if I could take three urban chickens and a rooster, who could no longer stay in their owner’s city back yard.


Meet Mick, Opal, Emerald, Pearl & Barley

Mick had to relocate his pets and Dr. G said I could possibly help. So I switched into my SUPER CHICKEN LADY suit and started making some inquiries.


Farmer Jim & his “chick”

 My yard was not an option because at the time I still had my foster ducks and also because a rooster would not be a friendly addition to our neighborhood. I actually DO  know where to draw the line sometimes. 🙂 It took about a week but I found an excellent home for the birds so I called Mick to arrange the transfer. I arrived at his home in Highland Park (right in the city of Montgomery where chickens are actually LEGAL!) Just sayin’. 😦


Barley did NOT want to relocate!

Poor Mick. He was recovering from recent surgery and was having a tuff time catching Barley. Any decent person would have offered to help, but I ain’t gittin’ in no cage with a mad rooster! My mama didn’t raise no idiot. (OK back to good grammar)


Just WAIT til I get outta this cage!

I loaded up the Subaru with 3 chickens, one rooster, three bags of corn & feed and headed to Fitzpatrick, AL where my pals GT & Leigh live. See my recent post about their lovely farm. https://kittybunnychicken.com/2016/05/05/a-country-adventure/

They generously accepted the new chickens even though it’s usually tricky to get two roosters to live in harmony on a farm. They took their time introducing the new kids on the block to the rest of their flock and Voila! Here are some very nice pictures of the new feathered family members enjoying their new home.


Barley meets some of GTs ducks. Don’t they look just like Webster & Winnie?


Listen Pearl, just cuz there’s another rooster around here, don’t forget I’m the boss o’ you!


Groovy new chicken house!


The Jewel Sisters get comfortable. 🙂

So Mick you see, your chickens could NOT have found a better home with better peeps.


My heroes.









8 thoughts on “I Am a Chick Magnet

  1. Another adventure in the Chicken Lady saga. Just know she will do anything to help fur and feather adorned ones.

  2. Oh I love this story, me too every time I read these stories I want Chickens . That one that GT has is beautiful. At first I thought that was a Tiny House……Guess it is tiny chicken house.

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