Mothers Day

Part of me wanted to draw the blinds and shrink from all human contact today. Then I decided that would not be honoring my mom or my daughter on this Mother’s Day. Plus Hannah wouldn’t want me to wallow in self pity either. So here’s to my mommy, otherwise known as “Peg Peg” by all who know and love her.


Mulder loves her too.

My mom is a tuff bird who faces life with humor and spunk. She’s had some challenges in the last few years, but I admire the way she tries to see the good in everything. I wish I had her kindness and patience…and her cream puff recipe.

Hannah was Peggy’s first grandchild and they bonded like cement.


Hey, these aren’t cream puffs!

Most of her life folks would tell Hannah that she looked just like her daddy.


And I can certainly see the similarities.

But we had a lot in common too.


We both loved bunnies and animals of all sort.

The pictures below were taken exactly 25 years apart. 1964 & 1989. The one on the left is moi.


Notice, the pooched tummies, ruffly panties, covered in dirt and same hairstyle.

The only difference is I have brown eyes and Hannah’s eyes are green.

 And Hannah and I spent a lot of time alone together when she was little.


Taken when Jim was in Kuwait.


Halloween without Daddy. He was in Saudi Arabia.


He was in the United Arab Emirates this time.

Come to think of it…Jim took a bunch of long vacations to the Middle East in the early 1990s.   Wonder wazzup with that?

My last mother’s day was bittersweet. Hannah was home recovering from an illness and we were so happy that she was under our roof again. She spent some mysterious hours in her room secretly making a beautiful present for me.


bouquet made from Sculpey Clay

Sculpey clay is Play Doh for grown ups. She played with it for hours when she was girl, making animals, jewelry but mostly FOOD. She is a Burlingame after all.


Zoom in to see the pizza, cake, chips & salsa, sushi, hamburger and ice cream sundae. 🙂

Jim is taking me to brunch today to a restaurant in the country where we had one of our last meals out with Hannah. She loved it and I took a picture of her beaming over her salad.


Our girl REALLY loved good food.

I know it will be challenging to hold it together when the waiter wishes me a Happy Mother’s Day, but I’ll try hard to just smile and say “Thank You”.

So thank you Peg Peg for putting up with me for 53 years.


The Pegster



And thank you Hannah for 27 Mother’s Days with your sweet and beautiful self. I’ll see you again some day. I love you, The Mommymonster


Mary Hannah Burlingame

28 thoughts on “Mothers Day

  1. Thank you for your brave share. I’ve been thinking of you and how hard today would be. I’ve been very melancholy this weekend, but I’ve got baby chicks!! So be sure to check them out!



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  2. Beautiful post from a beautiful mom. You are an example for all of us to follow with your amazing strength and courage.

  3. I am proud of you Debbie. I can only imagine how hard it was to put on a brave face today but you right, Hannah would never want you to lose your joy. Be know that there are plenty of us around who are happy to sit and cry or sit and laugh with you depending on the day. Just call.

    • Thank you Cindy. You are very kind. It was a hard but meaningful day to me. It was comforting to be with Jim every minute and to have so many wonderful responses to my blog. Deb

  4. Oh Debbie, what a beautiful post – you have been on my mind so much these last few days. I have typed and deleted so many things here – so hard to know what to say. She was sure her mama’s girl in so many ways. I hope I can get to Alabama to see you soon. Love you, K.

  5. I finally got the nerve to view this link. I’m in tears all over again! Thank you for sharing! I love you, Hannah!!!

  6. Dear Deb, I met Hannah at Disney Epcot Center sometime in 2004/05, I wondered today how she is doing and looked up her name. I‘m not sure if I understand correctly, but may I ask what has happened to her?

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