A Country Adventure

My friend GT and his wife Leigh live on a beautiful hill in the country. We recently visited them and had a great afternoon hanging out with their lovely granddaughters and taking in the sights, sounds and smells of their rural kingdom.


A variety of chickens live quite the luxurious life here.

GT had recently taken a trip to the “critter” sale and come home with a couple of rare breeds of feathered fowl.


This little chick is most likely a Cochin and will grow up to have beautifully feathered feet.


And this beauty is a Wyandott. She has “lacy” feathers and is so pretty in the sunlight.

 GT has a large pond with a goose and some ducks in residence. He recently got some ducklings and built a tricked out floating home for them. This is a the bottom of an old pontoon boat that he modified to keep the babies safe in the water and able to eat food away from predators.


See the ramp going down into the water and up into the safety of the duck house? Ingenious.

Later we took a long bumpy ride through the woods to see some property GT is improving.


I’m pretty sure our driver wasn’t licensed. 🙂

He showed us an abandoned shed that housed a mamma buzzard and her baby.


Well they’re cute when they’re little!

Before we left he offered us some farm fresh eggs and of course we accepted!


GT it takes a real man to wear that shirt!

My friend GT is a renaissance man but he doesn’t know it. The guy can build and create almost anything. He wears the façade of a just a good hard-working country boy, but within his heart beats the soul of an Artiste! I should know. He built my house and it is a work of art. Thanks pal, and I’m out of eggs! 🙂

7 thoughts on “A Country Adventure

  1. A wonderful story by a beautiful friend
    that has a big heart and deep love for all animals especially the ones that aren’t your regular family pets. She’s truly a blessing 🐓🐰🐱

  2. Debbie, I love your blog. It’s fun…I want to go to GT s with you one day ,you know I’m from south and raised on a farm and I miss those chickens and this bad a..rooster that use to chase me.
    All animal lovers seem to have a lot n common. Judy

    • Yes, Judy, animal lovers do have much in common. Some of my favorite peeps. Read past posts to see pics of lots of rescue animals and neighborhood hijinks. 🙂

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