Kittuns & Ducks & Tea Cup Australian Shephards?


Three species in my back yard!

Make that four.


My neighbor and pal Mike brought his grand-daughter Emily and his companion, Cuppie to see the ducks and my foster kittens. Cuppie is a regular in my back yard and has often herded chickens and bunnies to our great amusement. She’s had no success in herding our cats though.


I’m too tiiiiired to run.

The kittens have had several visitors since their arrival and are proving to be more popular than the ducks.


Kittens attract young ladies like magnets.

And my Pink House guests enjoyed a snuggle during their visit as well.


Charlotte & Rene were visiting from The Netherlands!

No, they don’t really wear wooden shoes. I checked.

Kittens are available for snuggles and scritches during daylight hours at the Burlingame Petting Zoo. And Cindy, they were only outside for photos! I swear their feet never touched the ground. 🙂

I did eventually name my sweet, dumb, stinky ducks. It was a challenge keeping them in my back yard for four weeks, but they are almost fully feathered and they are HUGE!  Stay tuned to my next post when Webster & Winnie go to their new home.


These guys QUACK me up!

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