You know how around this time of year, Facebook and TV public services announcements and the Interwebs, reminds parents NOT to get Junior a cute little chicken, bunny or duck for their Easter basket??? Well guess what? Someone (and you know who you are) bought a couple of fuzzy yellow ducklings for their child and then LET THEM GO INTO THE WILD in our neighborhood!!!  Yes, we have lakes all around the area and yes, we even have ducks and geese swimming happily with their babies at this very moment.

The view from my front porch


Mamma & Daddy Goose and their five little Geeselets.

The difference between all these happy little baby ducks and geese is that THEY HAVE MOMMIES!!! How can any sane adult release two baby ducks outside without parents? Would you do that to your two-week old baby, Mr. & Mrs. Clueless??? I didn’t THINK so! OK, breathe, Debbie, breathe. It’s gonna be OK.

Anyway…Their stupidity is my gain, because, as of Saturday evening, I am the proud parent of two adorable sweet little ducklings!


Cuteness on crack!

OK, here’s the whole story of how we came to be duck parents…

This past weekend we had guests visit for a shooting party. Jim, Steve, Liz & Sally all went to Weeeeetumpka to shoot skeet. (I stayed home and played in the dirt) That evening we were all outdoors on a lovely spring evening enjoying adult beverages when two of my wonderful neighbors dropped by with a package for me. Apparently  some ducklings were spotted on the other side of our neighborhood walking around hungry and scared. After a short discussion of what to do about the obviously abandoned and motherless little babies, a decision was made by my new favorite neighbors  Chris and Carly Wilkins to take them to my house.


Good call Chris! 🙂

Chris’s brother was visiting him at the time and he knew much about raising ducks so he gave us the basics until Jim had time to use his web-surfing skills to fine tune our duck knowledge.


Much obliged Carson.

After they left, we decided to figure out what to feed them until we could get to the feed store the next day. Jim whipped up a goor-met salad of peas, parsley and romaine for them and they gobbled it up in under a minute.


I think we hit paydirt dude!

Then we all had fun holding a cute and cuddly duckling.


Miss Liz you’re a natural.


Notice I’m wearing my flamingo T-shirt and the feet match my new pet. There are NO accidents people! 🙂

Almost everyone was thrilled with the new additions.


Daddy will you still love me best? 😦


Now what!?!


Tony–C’mon guys, we can take’ em! Wowdy–No, Tony! Mommy said no tasting!

Later that evening, Jim took about 30 minutes on the internet to become one of the foremost authorities on baby ducks in the state of Alabama.


The nights are still in the 40s here and the babies don’t have their grown-up feathers yet so Jim rigged up the chick heat lamp for them inside the coop.

We also learned that these birds have an ENORMOUS need for water and we were able to get three gallon container for them. They liked it so much they decided it would be a great napping place.


Are we in Heaven?

Later that evening we put them in the coop and turned on the lamp. They seemed calm and happy.


Sweet dreams ducklings.

 As of this morning they were ready to play and chase bugs to their heart’s content. As of now they are in the back yard surrounded by four furry felines and a little brown bunny.

I’m happy for a new adventure involving sweet young creatures. This is going to be fun.



18 thoughts on “Kitty…Bunny…DUCK!

  1. I have to say….You and Jim are the best!!!! Never fear of running out of blog material…God is keeping you supplied….although now it is KittyBunnyChickenDuck….or DuckDuckGoose according to this blog. God bless your rescue efforts, my friend. You always touch my heart and it’s an honor to know you.

  2. More preciousness at your house. You two are the answer to an animal’s prayer for a great foster mom and dad to love and take good care of them. You have such kind hearts. Love you.

    • Regan, I’m so glad you drew my attention to that pic. It’s TONY on top of the coop. I didn’t look close enough. Tony is Hannah’s cat and he’s still “integrating” into the family. We love him.

  3. This is too sweet. Chris and Carson are my sons. I met you a few months ago when we came to visit your menagerie. I loved it. Carson is like a duck whisperer. He has a knack with creatures great and small. Enjoy your new babies.

  4. I inherited 4 baby ducks from a young friend that thought they were so cute when she got them. In a weeks time they grew and did what ducks do. They eat, drink and poop and poop and poop. Mine are now 3 weeks old. When they are big enough they will join the others on the pond. There needs to be a video at Tractor Supply explaining to kids and parents the reality of baby ducks and chicks. I keep ducks because they are great at keeping the snake population down. Water moccasins love this river bottom!

    • Agree Brenda, but no business will listen to me! I’ve been trying to get Pet Supermarket to stop selling bunnies for 5 years and they won’t stop. People are so stupid and cruel to buy an animal and treat it like a used toy when it becomes too much trouble. 😦

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