Visitor From Chagrin Falls

Yes, this is a real place. My cousin Merrilu ventured to see me last month and she stayed in the Pink House for three days.  She got the “cousin” discount (Free!) and we had a great visit together. She and I were inseparable in High School and being cousins only makes the bond a bit more meaningful.


Cheerleaders for the Mighty Purvis Tornados! I’m sure you’ve heard of them.



We had GREAT fashion sense!

While she was here she got to meet one of her TV favorites, our local celebrity from SURVIVOR, Bobby Jon.


He and his cute little girl Vivy came by for a chat.



He and his cute little girl Vivy came by for a chat.


Buster always enjoys the attentions of a pretty girl.

 We also got together with an old high school chum who is a professor at Auburn. We had a mini-class reunion over a great meal.


Such a lucky man to be in the presence of such beauty!

After lunch, Roy took Merrilu for a spin in his almost-restored convertible.


Wasn’t this an episode on HAPPY DAYS?

I tried to make her visit pleasant and luxurious so I attempted to heat some croissants in the toaster oven with disastrous results.



Note to self: the “toast” setting is way too hot. Use 350 degrees in future.

Merrilu was a bit sad that she wasn’t going to get to see Daisy on this trip. I was trying to remember her last visit and I looked back through some older Kittybunnychicken posts. I found this jewel.


Dang!  I forgot how much you two look alike? 🙂

Love you cousin. Come back soon.

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