Pink House Princess

My pal Debbie (Daisy’s second mommy) and her husband Walter have had a standing invitation to spend a romantical night at the Pink House for many months. They both work very hard and have lots of responsibilities, so it took a long time for them to find a night to come over. Finally we agreed on a date and they arrived, ready for 24 hours of fun and laziness.


Neither had ever driven a golf cart, but they quickly got the hang of that and were seen motoring all around our neighborhood.

Debbie is a little more whimsical and crazy than Walter so I expected her to provide some shenanigans during her brief stay. She did not disappoint!

IMG_2344 - Copy

Debbie rings the bedside bell and her dutiful husband arrives with her delicious breakfast.

I don’t even know how to do this with my camera! She set it up to take this picture. I need some schoolin’.


A selection from the varied Pink House library

Later, my nutty friend thought it would be fun to count the flamingos. I had never done this and she thought it her duty to take a tally.



She came up with an astonishing number and I followed up with my own count and came up short. She asked if I found the 4 in the bathroom. No, I didn’t even remember that there were four flamingos in there! Very thorough woman!

Debbie & Walter had dinner at H2O that night. This is a lovely little restaurant in our neighborhood. The owners are very kind to let me leave my biz cards on their counter and they often offer Pink House guests a complimentary dessert or glass of vino.


They wisely chose dessert. 🙂

After Walter had performed his husbandly duties (serving breakfast–get your mind out of the gutter people!) Debbie allowed him some private time, reading his book on war or something manly like that.



Unbeknownst to him, Debbie was taking an aerial shot of him having a peaceful moment.

Hey Jim, Walter doesn’t even have a bald spot!  Wow! He must have a nicer life (wife) than you do! 🙂

Actually, Walter had been worried that the visit would be too “female-centered” and it was, but he agreed that he had a nice time and he even left is book to add to my library. He said it needed a bit more “man-centered” reading.

I’m so happy I could provide a nice diversion for my friend. She’s done so much for me and I love her a lot. She and Walter will be back and they’re even thinking of  reserving a night for their son and his wife.  The only disappointment she experienced is that she didn’t get to visit with her sweet Daisy. So sorry Debbie. 😦


I miss you too Mommy Debbie!  BWWWAAAWWWK!




2 thoughts on “Pink House Princess

  1. Oh my friend, you are impossible indeed, you are your writings. You have brought many smiles, several laughs, and maybe a few tears too, but I always count it a treat when I get to read a new post. You’re the best indeed! And thanks for adding Daisy, I miss that fine feathered friend.

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