Dixie Chicks

I arrived at my parent’s house too late to relocate Daisy & Gracie to their home in the barn, so they slept peacefully in the bunny cage overnight. In the morning, Daddy & I carried each bird to a room in the barn where they could see and be seen by Daddy’s chickens, but they couldn’t mix with them. I hate to be a broken record, but when you add a new chicken or a couple of new chickens to a large flock, they are often attacked and even killed.  Things usually work out if you give them all time to get to know each other through a fence.  Daddy promised to keep them separated for at least a week, but I won’t bet money on it. William Dudley Dobbs does not take direction well, from his eldest daughter or any other member of the human race. It’s Bill’s way or the HIGHWAY! Love you, Daddy!

So Daisy and Gracie made their entrance into a flock of mostly Rhode Island Reds and the hens got to gossiping as hens will do…


That color CAN’T  be real!  BWWWAAAWWWK!

Daisy wasted no time in sampling some chick food…


My compliments to the chef!

And while Daisy munched on a “welcome to your new home” breakfast brunch made by yours truly, Gracie made a killer dust bath in the soft dirt. The other chickens watched with a bit of envy while these two newcomers enjoyed special treatment.


Mr. Rooster watches with VERY special interest!

Daddy has two big Rhode Island Red roosters who are both in the running to be Gracie’s father.  I had a talk with Daisy concerning what might happen when the big guy “introduces” himself to her.  I think she may have already had such an experience on Debbie’s farm but I thought a little chat about the facts of life couldn’t hurt.

Here is one of the Roosters letting everyone know who’s boss!

And here is a little banty rooster that I call Fancy Pants trying to imitate his idol.



Meanwhile, Jim buried little George along side our many pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge.  He said a few words over the grave and placed a little memorial.


Thanks Jim. 😦

I’ll keep you posted on Daisy and her new family.  As I suspected, Daddy released her to the flock exactly 24 hours after I left. THANKS FOR WAITING A WEEK DAD!  Fortunately, Daddy & Mamma said that Daisy is prancing around the barnyard like the Queen of Sheba and she and Gracie are completely at home with their new friends.  Whew! I’ll have my sisters take pictures of her frolicking with her flock and I’ll keep you posted on her each time I go home.  Thanks for going on this journey with me. I loved being the chicken lady and I thank everyone who made it such a wonderful experience. Here is a lovely photo of Daisy’s last visitor at the Waters…


Thank you Emma Jane! You are both beautiful girls! 🙂

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