Growing Up Chicken

George & Gracie are almost big enough to bunk with Daisy in the coop at night.


NOT ready for our close up!

They flew up to Jim’s shoulders and “decorated” his jacket one second after I snapped this picture.


You go first George!

I told Daisy that it won’t be long until she has to make room for two more chickens in her boudoir.


Wut you talkin’ ’bout Willis!

They’re still sleeping on the porch under the heat lamp because of the cold temps.


Notice George’s larger comb. Plus he’s starting to get his “wattles”. (the googly red thing under his beak)

 So Tuesday evening my pal Susna came over for a visit and I lost track of time. After she left it was already dark and I realized the chicks were still outside in the fencing with the coop. I went to retrieve them and I couldn’t find them! Lo and behold, they had followed Daisy up to the coop and were drifting off to sleep.


We’re big now! Heat lamp SCHMEAT-lamp!

Daisy is just off frame with her giant fluffy chicken butt pointed at the chicks.  Her body heat warms the temperature of the interior of the coop by several degrees.

So George and Gracie spent their first night with their friend, the big yellow “mama” bird. A great day for chickendom! Now I can clean my screened porch and use it for human relaxation instead of a chicken nursery. It may take a few days.



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