That “Awkward” Stage

George & Gracie are growing like weeds!


After a week of living in their bunny cage they started to understand what a perch was for.

George fell asleep on the perch as soon as he mastered it.


Don’t fall off George!

They are intrigued by the exotic-looking chicken with the long brown tail and pointy ears.


Gracie looks delicious!

We let them explore the house a little bit and watch them figure out their strange new world.


That is one crazy lookin’ egg!

The meet exotic animals who remain on their best behavior!


I want to be your fwiend, not your bweakfast!

They soon outgrew the bunny cage so Jim fixed up the back porch for the toddlers.


The “Chicken Hilton”

The weather is still very cold here, especially at night so the heat lamp keeps them toasty. The door to the bunny cage remains open so they can run around in the pine straw for fun and then get back in their bungalow to warm up.


They enjoy their endless buffet of chick feed and drinking from their big kid waterer.

They are so much fun to watch and they can grow in safety and warmth on the back porch until the weather turns mild.  The screened door stays locked but if I have any worries about predators getting in to harm them, I need not fear.


Wowdy is on safety detail.

Thank you Wowdy. What would I do without you?


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