That “Awkward” Stage

George & Gracie are growing like weeds!


After a week of living in their bunny cage they started to understand what a perch was for.

George fell asleep on the perch as soon as he mastered it.


Don’t fall off George!

They are intrigued by the exotic-looking chicken with the long brown tail and pointy ears.


Gracie looks delicious!

We let them explore the house a little bit and watch them figure out their strange new world.


That is one crazy lookin’ egg!

The meet exotic animals who remain on their best behavior!


I want to be your fwiend, not your bweakfast!

They soon outgrew the bunny cage so Jim fixed up the back porch for the toddlers.


The “Chicken Hilton”

The weather is still very cold here, especially at night so the heat lamp keeps them toasty. The door to the bunny cage remains open so they can run around in the pine straw for fun and then get back in their bungalow to warm up.


They enjoy their endless buffet of chick feed and drinking from their big kid waterer.

They are so much fun to watch and they can grow in safety and warmth on the back porch until the weather turns mild.  The screened door stays locked but if I have any worries about predators getting in to harm them, I need not fear.


Wowdy is on safety detail.

Thank you Wowdy. What would I do without you?


Friends, Family & a Side of Chicken

Jim and I visited my hometown of Purvis, MS last week. It was a sad occasion but a necessary one since we had not been home since Hannah died. So many people wanted to put their arms around us and we welcomed their comforting embraces. I have a HUGE family on my mom’s side and I saw many cousins during our visit that I go for years without seeing.


Three Dobbs sisters, two Averys, a Palmer and a 13 year old Burlingame on the back wall.  🙂

Some sweet classmates also dropped by to see me and it was wonderful to catch up and cry buckets.


Thank you Jennifer & Tina. Our mascara doesn’t look too bad. 😦


I dearly love this man. Hugs to you Uncle Les. Thank you for everything.

I made a little memorial table for visitors to see a beautiful picture of Hannah and some family photos of her aunts, cousins and grandparents.


Of course, no visit to my parent’s house would be complete without a few words about chickens.  My crazy dad keeps hatching babies in his brooder although I need to buy him a calendar so he understands that December is not really the best time to do this!


I like coffee in bed with a dash of chick please.

He had two sweet little three-day-old Rhode Island Reds that needed a good home. Jim worked on Old Blue and tried to ignore my pleas to bring them home with us.


I’m not listening to you! We have too many animals already!

Get real people! Do you think this poor man stood a chance?


We’re ready for the ride home mom!

We named the pair George & Gracie. Ask someone over the age of 50 if you don’t get the reference. 🙂

I won’t be able to keep these guys because I’m already pushing it with ONE chicken in my back yard, but it will be fun to raise them for a while and give Daisy some company for a bit.


Can I just have a little taste?

Actually George is a rooster, so I certainly can’t keep him when he starts to crow.  No worries, I made sure I had a new home secured for them before I decided to bring them home.  The little boy will grow up to look like this!


This may even be his daddy. Peg & Bill in the background.

All of our cats have seen all this before.  Raising chicks around cats might seem like an insane idea, but if you let them know that they are members of the family, the kitties soon lose interest and pose no threat.


Mr. Mulder, however, REALLY wants to play with these little fluff balls!

I invited the children of my current Pink House guest over to get some chick love.


Sailor was very gentle.


Lovey is quite lovely. 🙂

So for a couple of months at least, the Burlingame chicken farm is up and running again! Bring by the kiddos and grand-kiddos to enjoy a chicken cuddle. George and Gracie will probably be heading to the Jackson grandchildren’s egg farm some time around the beginning of Spring. Until then, come “chick” them out.

Happy New Year,