All By My Lonesome

My Aussies left last week and I must declare that they are my favorite Pink House guests so far. While they were visiting I took them to see some of my favorite neighbors in the Waters.

These guys could have talked all night.

These guys could have talked all night.

Andrew & Cathy were full of great advice for their touring schedule and I also got to show off their awesome decorating skills!

Off da HOOK guys! No one does it better!

Off da HOOK guys! No one does it better!

If you think this is great, you should see the joint at Christmas!

On their last night here Brett and Louise had a craving for Indian food and believe it or not Montgomery actually has a pretty good one.  They asked me to join them (and to drive) and I was happy to go.  They surprised me by buying my dinner! Hey, I would have ordered champagne had I known. 🙂

After they departed (Savannah was next stop for them) I went to the cottage to clean it and this is what I found.


Louise had re-arranged my Australian Beanie Babies into something called “Chinese Whispers”.  I’ve never heard of this but it reminded me of the famous Norman Rockwell painting, The Gossips

Plus I found two Australian coins in the kangaroo pouch!

Jim took his bi-annual trip to Belgium to do NATO stuff on your tax dollar.  Well, that’s what he says he’s doing anyway.  I don’t ask too many questions because he always brings back some pretty amazing chocolate!  Having been an Air Force wife for many years, I’m used to his absence and I actually like being alone. Plus I usually like him better when he returns. (only if he has the chocolate!)  The animals, however, miss him very much.  Although he returns today, Mulder has finally stopped crying  and looking for him all over the house.

I give up. :(

I give up. 😦

Rowdy hangs out by the phone waiting for his call.

I miss my Daddy!

I miss my Daddy!

A final word and then I’ll leave you to enjoy this gorgeous day.  Remember Scrappy???  My former foster kitten who was not supposed to live?  Well, her new mommy who lives in Wiggins, MS sent me a recent picture of my former baby and I would say that she has overcome all of her physical maladies in a big way!

And I mean BIG!

And I mean BIG!


8 thoughts on “All By My Lonesome

    • And Regan, the phone is from the 40s. It’s nicknamed the “Lucy” phone in the biz because it’s the on in I LOVE LUCY. I love to hear it ring. I keep expecting Humphrey Bogart to answer! 🙂

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