Sunsets & Rainbows & Aussies OH MY!

Yes, I know it’s a weird title.  I’ll start with the first part.  My neighbor to the left of the Pink House took a lovely photo of a sunset over the cottage last week.  It’s pink (of course) and it looks like pink sunset flames are shooting out of the roof!



Then later this week she sent me this!

Pot of PINK the end of the rainbow :)

Pot of PINK the end of the rainbow 🙂

Thanks Valerie, I’m going to have to start paying you for your services!

We have enjoyed getting to know our new Australian friends this week.  They love the Pink House and our pretty neighborhood. Last night we had them over for “chicken-time” in the back yard where we served them sweet tea, Alabama beer and boiled peanuts.

Louise and Brett

Louise and Brett

Today they were going to Monroeville to see the literary attractions.  Did you know that Australian kids read TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD in 8th grade?  Love it! They were surprised at how many Aussie celebrities we were aware of in America. Here’s the list Jim and I came up with:

Paul Hogan (Now there’s a knife!), Steve Irwin (deceased, Crikey!), Mel Gibson (crazy), Heath Ledger (deceased), Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban (married), Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Cate Blanchette (Jim’s not-so-secret crush), Geoffrey Rush (Academy Award) to name a few.  And I am NOT besmirching their countryman Mr. Gibson.  Louise & Brett agree that he is Looney Toons.

They were charmed by my sweet pets and were happy to know that for now Daisy is enjoying life in our back yard without any threat of eviction.  So far 😦

Buster's got yer back Daisy!

Buster’s got yer back Daisy!

My guests are here until Tuesday and I hope they get to meet some of my wonderful neighbors.  If you see them out and about, give them a warm Waters HOWDY!

PS: The boiled peanuts took a while to make their charms known, but by then end of the evening they were GONE! 🙂

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