All By My Lonesome

My Aussies left last week and I must declare that they are my favorite Pink House guests so far. While they were visiting I took them to see some of my favorite neighbors in the Waters.

These guys could have talked all night.

These guys could have talked all night.

Andrew & Cathy were full of great advice for their touring schedule and I also got to show off their awesome decorating skills!

Off da HOOK guys! No one does it better!

Off da HOOK guys! No one does it better!

If you think this is great, you should see the joint at Christmas!

On their last night here Brett and Louise had a craving for Indian food and believe it or not Montgomery actually has a pretty good one.  They asked me to join them (and to drive) and I was happy to go.  They surprised me by buying my dinner! Hey, I would have ordered champagne had I known. 🙂

After they departed (Savannah was next stop for them) I went to the cottage to clean it and this is what I found.


Louise had re-arranged my Australian Beanie Babies into something called “Chinese Whispers”.  I’ve never heard of this but it reminded me of the famous Norman Rockwell painting, The Gossips

Plus I found two Australian coins in the kangaroo pouch!

Jim took his bi-annual trip to Belgium to do NATO stuff on your tax dollar.  Well, that’s what he says he’s doing anyway.  I don’t ask too many questions because he always brings back some pretty amazing chocolate!  Having been an Air Force wife for many years, I’m used to his absence and I actually like being alone. Plus I usually like him better when he returns. (only if he has the chocolate!)  The animals, however, miss him very much.  Although he returns today, Mulder has finally stopped crying  and looking for him all over the house.

I give up. :(

I give up. 😦

Rowdy hangs out by the phone waiting for his call.

I miss my Daddy!

I miss my Daddy!

A final word and then I’ll leave you to enjoy this gorgeous day.  Remember Scrappy???  My former foster kitten who was not supposed to live?  Well, her new mommy who lives in Wiggins, MS sent me a recent picture of my former baby and I would say that she has overcome all of her physical maladies in a big way!

And I mean BIG!

And I mean BIG!


Sunsets & Rainbows & Aussies OH MY!

Yes, I know it’s a weird title.  I’ll start with the first part.  My neighbor to the left of the Pink House took a lovely photo of a sunset over the cottage last week.  It’s pink (of course) and it looks like pink sunset flames are shooting out of the roof!



Then later this week she sent me this!

Pot of PINK the end of the rainbow :)

Pot of PINK the end of the rainbow 🙂

Thanks Valerie, I’m going to have to start paying you for your services!

We have enjoyed getting to know our new Australian friends this week.  They love the Pink House and our pretty neighborhood. Last night we had them over for “chicken-time” in the back yard where we served them sweet tea, Alabama beer and boiled peanuts.

Louise and Brett

Louise and Brett

Today they were going to Monroeville to see the literary attractions.  Did you know that Australian kids read TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD in 8th grade?  Love it! They were surprised at how many Aussie celebrities we were aware of in America. Here’s the list Jim and I came up with:

Paul Hogan (Now there’s a knife!), Steve Irwin (deceased, Crikey!), Mel Gibson (crazy), Heath Ledger (deceased), Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban (married), Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Cate Blanchette (Jim’s not-so-secret crush), Geoffrey Rush (Academy Award) to name a few.  And I am NOT besmirching their countryman Mr. Gibson.  Louise & Brett agree that he is Looney Toons.

They were charmed by my sweet pets and were happy to know that for now Daisy is enjoying life in our back yard without any threat of eviction.  So far 😦

Buster's got yer back Daisy!

Buster’s got yer back Daisy!

My guests are here until Tuesday and I hope they get to meet some of my wonderful neighbors.  If you see them out and about, give them a warm Waters HOWDY!

PS: The boiled peanuts took a while to make their charms known, but by then end of the evening they were GONE! 🙂

A Visit From Down Undah!

A couple from Australia is arriving today to stay in the Pink House for a week!  This is only my second international booking so I’m excited to introduce them to our town and neighborhood. Although I’m not required to put any food in the house when I book guests from the VRBO website, I like to put some local fare in the larder for foreign guests so they can get a taste of southern grub.  I put a six pack of Coke in the small glass bottles in the fridge cuz nothing says AMURICA like Co-Cola right?  Plus there are some frozen Mary B’s biscuits in the freezer, and milk, OJ, butter, jam and such.  Jim wouldn’t let me get Moon Pies.  He was afraid Aussies wouldn’t get that joke. 😦

For fun I did want to put one “Australian” thing in the cupboard, so with the help of a friend (Thanks Melanie!) I was directed to World Market where I picked up some of this!



I have no idea what this stuff tastes like or if Australians actually like it, but I thought it might make them giggle.  I also went crazy and baked them my MeMaw’s pecan pah!  After they eat that, they will undoubtedly get work visas and make arrangements to stay in the good old USA.

Since it’s October, the house is desecrated for Halloween too.

Sparkly spiders!

Sparkly spiders!

Scary cats and pink & purple punkins!

Scary cats and pink & purple punkins!

Actually more

Actually more “prissy” than scary.

Inside I put some of fluffy friends in case they got homesick for their favorite animals.

Cute Koalas

Kute Koalas

And of course a kangaroo and Kiwi bird.

Technically the Kiwi is from New Zealand, but hey, that's close enough right?

Technically the Kiwi is from New Zealand, but hey, that’s close enough right?

The hospitality  committee is waiting to give them an enthusiastic welcome!

Buster and my current rescued turtle. I think they're discussing racing strategies.

Buster and my current rescued turtle. I think they’re discussing racing strategies.

My guests will be exploring civil rights monuments and historic sights during their visit.  They plan to see the Dexter Ave. Church, the National Civil Rights Memorial and they’re going to Selma too.  If you see them around the hood in our little maroon golf cart, give them a welcoming “howdy”.  And, I hope you’ll refrain from making them say “shrimp on the Barbie”, “Crikey!”, “Good day mate!”, or “Now there’s a knife!” I know it will take every ounce of self control I have! 🙂