Daisy Days

Life on the Burlingame Rescue Ranch and Reptile Reserve is quiet and routine these days. Daisy has settled into her new home and is enjoying the cooler weather.  She lays about one egg every six days so she is earning her keep on the farm.

...although she's not too particular about where she lays them. :)

…although she’s not too particular about where she lays them. 🙂

She puts herself to bed each night at sunset and I let her out at sunrise every morning.  Then she goes about scratching up my lawn and eating various bugs and slugs from the herb garden.  She and Buster have formed a friendly alliance and he ends up napping in her coop for hours during the day.

He's boring but I like him.

He’s boring but he’s pretty cute.

And the neighborhood young-uns continue to arrive to chase bunnies and chickens as is the natural order of things.  This is my buddy Vivi, a regular visitor to my back yard.

Stop! I want to feel that red thing on your head!

Stop! I want to feel that red thing on your head!

And so far I have not heard a “peep” from the powers that be, regarding the vicious and highly illegal varmint living in my back yard.  Although for all I know they could be mounting full-scale chicken eviction as I speak.  Never fear–Rowdy is on the lookout and will alert us to any danger!

After her nap.

After her nap.

Happy Fall Y’all!


6 thoughts on “Daisy Days

  1. So glad Daisy is settled in now with the other critters. She looks good, and the red thing on her head means she is still laying which is pretty good for an old bird. She will go through a period of rest and then her red comb will become pale, until production picks back up. I gotta come visit that girl. I miss her so very much!!!

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