Artistic Pursuits

I can’t shop anywhere without browsing for new stuff to put in the Pink House.  I love all the art that I’ve chosen to grace the walls but frankly the wall space is getting scarce.  I did however, have one spot in mind for a commissioned painting of the Pink House.  The niece of a lovely family that lives here in the Waters has visited my home a few times, and recently I learned that she was an artist.  I sent her some pictures of the cottage and asked her to make the painting “cartoonish” and this is the result.

Artist Layla Araiinejad 2015

Artist Layla Araiinejad 2015

I love how she exaggerated the American flag and the flamingo.  Here’s a photo of the lovely young lady and her work.

Thank you Layla! Remember me when you're famous. :)

Thank you Layla! Remember me when you’re famous. 🙂

Speaking of art.  I was mesmerized by a lovely little pig I saw in my friend’s shop window this week.  Bill & Marcie restore and create furniture, but they also collect items that strike their fancy and sell them from the same shop.  I could not resist this soulful little guy.  How do folks paint eyes that look right at you and say, “Take me home with you!”  I did. 🙂


And on a recent stroll through a local antique mall I came across this painting of a baby Mulder.

Worth the $5.00 wouldn't you say?

Worth the $5.00 wouldn’t you say?

I’ll close with a pretty picture I took yesterday at The Spring House in Alexander City. (A culinary delight you must try if you have not yet had the pleasure.)

Our kid, Hannah Banana

Our kid, Hannah Banana

Enjoy today and appreciate all the pretty things near you. 🙂

One thought on “Artistic Pursuits

  1. Love that little pig! Thanks for breaking down and taking him home – we are happy that he has been adopted into such a sweet family and gets to live in such a cool Pink House!

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