The Pied Piper of Pike Road

No, never fear–I don’t intend to toot my flute and lead your children off a cliff.  But when you have a pet chicken in your back yard, the children will come.

Sara, meet Miss Daisy.

Sara, meet Miss Daisy.

This kid is fearless and normally I’d be happy to let her chase my chicken around my yard, but since Daisy is sick I asked her to refrain this time.  She complied and offered Daisy some of her tasty snacks.

Who knew chickens like Cheerios?

Who knew chickens like Cheerios?

She did have a question about the weird little brown guy in the yard.

Can I chase this bunny?

Can I chase this bunny?

Heck yeah!

Run, Buster, Run!

Run, Buster, Run!

Daisy had her vet appointment with Dr. Glasscock yesterday, but I’ll elaborate on that later.  For the time being, just know that Daisy is under excellent treatment and we’re doing what we can to get her well.  For now she stays inside if the temp is above 80 but she does sleep on the porch at night.  She was having some trouble getting on her roost by herself so I made her some “steps”.








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