A Dollop of Daisy

My friend Debbie sent me a funny series of Daisy pictures I wanted to share.  Daisy is an old lady now and she lays eggs infrequently.  Here she is laying her egg on the go!

Hmmmmm...do I have time to get back to the nest box?

Hmmmmm…do I have time to get back to the nest box?

Naaa...this'll just take a second.

Naaa…this’ll just take a second.

Here you go mom!  Enjoy your breakfast!

Here you go mom! Enjoy your breakfast!



The pictures made me miss the old girl so Jim and I drove out to Tuskegee to see Daisy, Debbie & Walter. For new readers I’ll give the Cliff’s Notes version of Daisy’s story.  In 2011 I had three lovely pet chickens in my back yard.  Because of a complaining neighbor my chickens were evicted from my yard and my neighborhood.  Daisy, Rosie & Violet went to live with a kind friend who loves chickens and had many of her own on a great farm.  Rosie & Violet had violent deaths at the hands of wild dogs and Daisy was injured but she survived and has lived with my friend since then.  I go see her once in a while and she always remembers me.  I think it has something to do with the fact that I always bring her grapes. 🙂

Jim always preferred blondes!

Jim always preferred blondes!

Daisy has been sick for a long time with a respiratory infection and she wheezes when she breathes and she has a bad cough that sounds like someone stepping on a dog’s chew toy! I shot a little video of her wheezing and coughing.  It’s just 30 seconds long.  She coughs right at the beginning and then right before the end.

It was sad to see her sick.  Notice how she has to keep her beak open to breathe. Debbie suggested I take her home with me so I could pamper her and give her a fun easy life in her old age. Hmmmmmm…what do you think of THAT idea?


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