Exit Kittens

I took the kittens back to the shelter a week ago, but have neglected to post my last batch of great pictures of the little fur balls.  Get ready for cuteness overload.

Last visit with mama.

Last visit with mama.

Wendy, the mama cat went back to the shelter two weeks before the babies.  I saw her when I returned the kittens. She had her surgery and she seemed healthy and rested and ready to go to her forever home.  She was a very sweet and fierce mama.  If she even smelled one of our cats under the door she bristled and growled. Mulder was terrified of her.  But most things scare Mr. Mulder.

Is she gone yet?

Is she gone yet?

But after mama cat was gone he enjoyed playing with one of the kittens.

You still love me best right?

You still love me best right?

Peter was the only boy in the group and he gravitated toward the other big boy in the house.

Hi I'm Peter.  Wanna play?

Hi I’m Peter. Wanna play?

One of their favorite places to sleep was under the refrigerator door.

It's vewy warm here.

It’s vewy warm here.

And although it’s against the rules for me to let them play outside, I did put them in an enclosure around our oak tree for a little while.

Every kitten should get to climb a tree once in his life.

Every kitten should get to climb a tree once in his life.

Most of them were much better at climbing the fence though.

Follow me guys! We're bustin' out!

Follow me guys! We’re bustin’ out!

I enjoyed my little batch of babies, but it’s always nice to get the house back in order when they go.  I highly recommend this job if you have the time and the room. Thank you Montgomery Humane Shelter for allowing me the opportunity to be involved in this service. 🙂

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