Not so Smart About Art

It’s been a while since I updated readers on our little backyard rental.  This post is all about the goofy “objet d’art” I’m putting in the cottage.  However, I will throw in a few cute animal pics to make the post legit for the Kittybunnychicken.

The first two rescue turtles of the season.

The first two rescue turtles of the season.

Every year I save a turtle from certain death on the back roads of Montgomery County.  I didn’t keep the big guy long.  He trampled my impatiens so he was transplanted to the lake after two days.  The little fellow roams the yard eating slugs and whatnot.  I see him about every third day, doing his “turtle thing”.  Mulder is intrigued by the moving rock that lives in his yard.

Now for some fun Pink House pictures.  I’ve been trying hard to choose some “art” to hang on the walls and I have absolutely no criteria for picking pieces except for finding things that “float my boat”.  I also try to stick to local artists or at least pictures that evoke a homespun feeling or have brilliant color or and animal theme.  Since I know diddly-squat about the subject, I’ve basically collected a hodge podge of things that make me smile.  I hope our guests feel the same way, but one can only guess.


This is one of the first things I found.  It was leaning against a wall in a Wetumpka flea mall.  It’s hard to see how big it is, but it’s a giant painting of hydrangea on a green background.  I had it reframed because it was falling apart.

Cow Painting

I saw this at an estate sale.  It’s just a cheap print in a cheesy frame.  I couldn’t resist pastel colored cows!  The one on the right has a pink hair-do!  I had it reframed in some old white-washed barn wood.


Found these roses in a booth at Eastbrook Flea Market.  If you look close the frame has some chips and scratches, but I think it’s charming and pretty so it hangs over the master bed.


Also found at Eatbrook Flea.  This print is framed so beautifully!  The mat and gold frame is so complimentary to this goofy flamingo.  I didn’t even notice until I got home and put my reading glasses on that it’s an AUDUBON PRINT!!!  Like I said, I know zilch about art, but I do know who John James Audubon is and I was very happy to have this nice birdy for my Pink House.

If the cottage were twice as big as it is, I could have filled it with more beautiful and goofy stuff.  Here are some treasures that didn’t make the cut simply because I have run out of room (or because I’m too cheap to pay the big bucks.)


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this thing!  It’s by an Israeli chick named Patricia Govenzensky and it’s a mere $850.00!  Can you believe Jim wouldn’t spring for this?  Cheap bastard!  Google this gal.  She specializes in watercolors and her work almost exclusively depicts lounging chicks in foreign climes, having tea in cafes and bistros.  I’m sure I love her work because I have a child’s appreciation for colorful crazy patterns and if money were no object, I’d have her work in every room.  Maybe Jim can get another job in his “free” time.  (I’m SO glad he doesn’t read my blog!)


OK, I really need this fluorescent fish!!!  Somebody needs to go to Prattville Pickers and plop down the $45.00 I need to take this guy home!


My pal Susna educated me on this late Montgomery artist, Barbara Gallagher.  She has several pieces in her home, and now when I see her work in the local area, I take a photo for my friend.  This is hanging in an art supply and framing shop next to Eastbrook.  It is not for sale but when I admired it, the owner told me he bought this for his wife for a Valentines gift.  Ooooh La, La!


These bunnies make me happy.  Too pricey but when I get a sugar daddy, I’m gonna go back and get ’em.  (Just kidding Jim, oh wait, he doesn’t read this, never mind)

There’s more, but you’ll need to come over and get a tour for yourself.  Any of my local neighbors can come poke around the Pink House as long as it’s not occupied.  I love showing off my toy and would enjoy suggestions on how to make it even better.  So here’s a couple of pictures of crazy Rowdy enjoying the crinkly tunnel I bought for Buster-man.  It scares him and he pees when Jim puts him in it!

Just the right snooze toob for my fat kitty

Just the right snooze tube for my fat kitty

And she ALMOST fits.

And she ALMOST fits.

Keepin' it tasteful above all! :)

Keepin’ it tasteful above all! 🙂

The Chicken Lady Waddles Again!

You may remember reading a previous post where I visited an elementary school classroom to talk about the wonders of raising chickens.

I can’t believe that was over two years ago.  My pals Tama and Meggie went with me to help.  Meggie wore the chicken suit and did the funky chicken for the kids.

She was an AMAZING dancing chicken!

She was an AMAZING dancing chicken!

This year, Mrs. Nelson’s class was going to hatch some eggs and raise some baby chicks in the classroom.  Alas, only one egg hatched and the poor little chick lived alone in the brooder.  She asked me to come to the class to talk about chickens so we picked a day and I made a few preparations for the presentation.  I didn’t have a helper to wear the suit this time so this chick had to don the big yellow ensemble herself.

I must say, I do wear with with style!

I must say, I do wear with style!

The morning I was supposed to go visit the classroom, Mrs. Nelson called and said that the lonely little chick had died overnight. I knew the kids would be sad so I asked if I could bring some new babies from the feed store.  It took some doing but I found one store that still had chicks for sale.  I fixed up a box for them and drove to get my little brood.

Peep, peep, peep!

Peep, peep, peep!

These are all Americaunas.  They’re a beautiful breed who have sweet temperaments and lay lovely blue/green eggs.

My Rosie was an Americauna

My Rosie was an Americauna

I arrived with my box o’ chicken nuggets and started my entertaining one woman chicken show. 🙂

A visual demonstration on how chickens aren't very good flyers.

A visual demonstration on how chickens aren’t very good flyers.

You can imagine the heat generated inside this suit by a full-figured middle aged chick, wildly flapping her “wings” to try to get off the ground!

This is one FRIED chicken!

This is one FRIED chicken!

I very carefully showed the kids how the babies were getting their “grown-up” feathers and would soon be able to fly short leaps and hops on to their roosts.

I was gentle.

I was gentle.

Mrs. Nelson had a brooder ready for the babies and was going to raise them until they got too big for the classroom.  One of her student’s grandmothers was going to take them to live on her farm.  I enjoyed my day very much and I hope I taught the kids a little bit about caring for animals and learning where eggs actually come from.  I asked where the dead chick was and the teacher gave him to me in a little cardboard box.  I said I would be happy to take him home and put him in my ever-growing pet cemetery.  I want to thank the teachers at Wilson Elementary School for inviting me.  I look forward to seeing you again next year.

I named him

I named him “Wilson” 😦

After I got home I stripped off the nuclear hot chicken suit and threw it on the landing because I was too grouchy to take it upstairs.  Rowdy thought it looked like a perfect place for a nap.

Sweet dreams of being held in the arms of a giant yellow chicken.

Sweet dreams of being held in the arms of a giant yellow chicken.

Exit Kittens

I took the kittens back to the shelter a week ago, but have neglected to post my last batch of great pictures of the little fur balls.  Get ready for cuteness overload.

Last visit with mama.

Last visit with mama.

Wendy, the mama cat went back to the shelter two weeks before the babies.  I saw her when I returned the kittens. She had her surgery and she seemed healthy and rested and ready to go to her forever home.  She was a very sweet and fierce mama.  If she even smelled one of our cats under the door she bristled and growled. Mulder was terrified of her.  But most things scare Mr. Mulder.

Is she gone yet?

Is she gone yet?

But after mama cat was gone he enjoyed playing with one of the kittens.

You still love me best right?

You still love me best right?

Peter was the only boy in the group and he gravitated toward the other big boy in the house.

Hi I'm Peter.  Wanna play?

Hi I’m Peter. Wanna play?

One of their favorite places to sleep was under the refrigerator door.

It's vewy warm here.

It’s vewy warm here.

And although it’s against the rules for me to let them play outside, I did put them in an enclosure around our oak tree for a little while.

Every kitten should get to climb a tree once in his life.

Every kitten should get to climb a tree once in his life.

Most of them were much better at climbing the fence though.

Follow me guys! We're bustin' out!

Follow me guys! We’re bustin’ out!

I enjoyed my little batch of babies, but it’s always nice to get the house back in order when they go.  I highly recommend this job if you have the time and the room. Thank you Montgomery Humane Shelter for allowing me the opportunity to be involved in this service. 🙂