Buster & Goldy Sittin’ in a Tree…

Well they’re not actually K-I-S-S-I-N-G, but they are great pals.  From the day we began Fostering Goldie, Buster has followed her around the yard and tried to make her feel welcome.

Hi, I'm Buster and this is MY chicken.

Hi, I’m Buster and this is MY chicken.

At first she was a little wary of him because she had no idea what he was.  He hung out by her coop all day and watched her entertaining chicken antics.

I wish she'd invite me inside.

I wish she’d invite me inside.

I made him a little lean-to next to her coop so he could sit in the shade and be near her.

Thanks mom.

Thanks mom.

Eventually he made his way inside the coop where he now spends much of his bunny day.

She said she doesn't mind as long as I don't eat any worms.

She said she doesn’t mind as long as I don’t eat any worms.

Buster, I’m very sorry to tell you that I’m taking Goldy to DeFuniak Springs tomorrow to her forever home.  I have a good friend there who has a sanctuary for chickens AND bunnies, so Goldy will likely have many new bunny boyfriends at her new home.  Don’t fret buddy.  Mommy is gonna get you a couple of these very soon.


I’ll let you show ’em the ropes around the Burlingame ranch.


3 thoughts on “Buster & Goldy Sittin’ in a Tree…

  1. Oh, don’t do it! You just now got back to being KittyBunnyChicken! I’m sure there’s so many other stories that will emerge if you keep Goldie.

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