Busy Buster

This time of year Buster receives many visitors.  It’s problematic for him since he’s super busy getting ready to help his pal, Mr. Easter Bunny, but he always makes time for a pretty lady.

...or two

…or two

...or three, or four.

…or three, or four.

You’ll forgive me if I post my Easter centerpiece.

The gang's all here!

The gang’s all here!

This sacred and meaningful time of year is also a very good excuse to bring out the Beanie Bunnies.


...and more bunnies.

…and more bunnies,

...and more bunnies,

…and more bunnies,

...and chicks,

…and chicks,

...and lambs,

…and lambs,

...and even bears.

…and even bears.

Happy Easter all, and I hope you enjoy the lovely spring colors.

My redbud puts on a show for two weeks in March.


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