Wrappin’ It Up

All of the major construction on our rental house is done.  There are still some small things we have to do but the really messy, noisy stuff is over.  Chris’ crew finished the privacy fence and I planted a little dogwood tree just outside and next to our neighbor’s carport.

It should flower in the spring and be a nice sight to drive up to.

It should flower in the spring and be a nice sight to drive up to.

I’ve made a brick path that leads from the golf cart shed to our backyard gate.  Of course Jim will install them properly later, but for now they look nice, if a bit wobbly.  We’ve decided to hire Darryl to make the patio in the back yard.  It just looks kind of daunting to us and we know he’ll do a great job.


Darryl did the pretty golf cart parking pad and we’re very pleased with how that turned out.

Jim still has to do the electrical stuff in the carport and storage shed.  He’ll put a light and outlets in the shed, a motion sensor light in the carport and some outlets in the garage and golf cart area.  Of course we have to get everything painted too, but the treated wood has to cure for about a month, so we’ll put that off until the first of the year.  For now we’re going to take a break from all things related to rental house improvements and focus on being as lazy as possible for a while.

We could help you out with that!

We’re experts at that!

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