Concrete Jungle

I like watching most kinds of construction in our neighborhood.  There’s always some new house going up and I’ll stop and take a gander during my neighborhood walks.  All the construction guys know me but oddly I don’t get catcalls and whistles.  They must just be very well-mannered. 🙂  Yes, that must be it.  I especially like to see concrete being poured and shaped and I had a very good time watching the pad being poured for our little house yesterday.  There’s a lot of skill involved obviously, but there is an art to it as well.

Looks like grown up mud pies.

Looks like grown up mud pies.

These guys have done this a few times and they sure make it look easy.


And “messing up” is not an option with concrete.  Especially after it starts to harden up.

Almost there guys!

Almost there guys!

The weather was just right for the pour and I had a good time watching the crew.  There was only one slight glitch in an otherwise perfect day.  A large chicken wandered on to the work site and before we could stop him, he left his mark in the hardening pad.

No worries.  I kinda like it. :)

No worries. I kinda like it!




5 thoughts on “Concrete Jungle

    • Well ok then, it’s good to know that I’m not just a plain ole goober, I’m a favorite goober 🙂 And Daisy is oblivious to her condition, of course being blonde has a lot to do with that 🙂

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