The back yard of our little rental house is really coming along nicely.  Our plan was to switch the parking area from the far side of the yard to directly behind the house.  This will expand the back yard and provide easier access for cars to park.

Before the chaos.

Before the chaos.

We are removing some picket fencing but we will recycle it after the pad is poured.





The next step is for Chris and his crew to place the big posts that will hold up the carport roof.

Busy, busy, busy.

Busy, busy, busy.

We’re also going to dig up all those pavers but save them for some pathways and a small patio.  We’ll replace them with sod and the yard will be about 1/3 bigger than it is now.

All four posts set.

All four posts set.

Then it was time for Ricky to come in with his concrete crew to ready the pad for pouring.

Jim wants do drive one of these contraptions.  He thinks it would be like playing with adult Tonka trucks. :)

Jim wants to drive one of these contraptions. I just can’t see it.

At the end of the day, the pad is ready for pouring.

Ta Da!

Ta Da!

The noise was pretty loud at times and G. T. even came in once or twice to escape the din.

Theysure make it hard for a guy to get some sleep around here!

They sure make it hard for a guy to get some sleep around here!

Oh, yes…it bothered Mulder a lot too.

Worthless creature!

Worthless creature!


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