Lofty Indulgence

Jim is gone AGAIN!  This time he’s in the Smokey Mountains hiking the Appalachian Trail with some of his co-workers. Am I sad that he didn’t take me?  NO!  I am a big fan of air-conditioning, soft mattresses and indoor plumbing.  He left on Thursday and gets back tonight so I had a long time to feel sorry for myself and think of some mischief to get into.  I got a wild idea that I would take a mini-vacation to a little VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner).  This little loft is above a neighbor’s garage and I’ve seen photos of it online and heard so many nice things about it, that I decided to have a one-woman sleepover there while Jim was gone on his adventure.

The pictures do NOT do it justice.  It's even prettier than this!

The pictures do NOT do it justice. It’s even prettier than this!

The owners have spared nothing in making this not only functional and comfortable, but cozy and beautiful as well.


My TV viewing oasis.

My TV viewing oasis.

The attention to detail is unparalleled here and I couldn’t stop looking at all the touches that made this loft a perfect subject for COTTAGE LIVING MAGAZINE.



I actually brought some groceries and snacks to make my stay more fun and I had a good pal over for some wine and cheese soon after I got there.

The kitchen lacks NOTHING!  Some real goor-met meals can be made here.

The kitchen lacks NOTHING! Some real goor-met meals can be made here.

And even later that evening, a gaggle of females busted up in my crib to check out my little pleasure dome.  I had given up on having any company by then so I was wearing my super-sexy granny nightgown when they knocked on the door.  This is a site they will not soon forget, and a great honor that only a chosen few get to witness.

As the night wore on I was getting sleepy and looked forward to crawling into a very comfortable-looking bed.  Pets are not allowed, but I brought Buster to keep me company anyway.  Don’t tell anyone!  He was very quiet and didn’t make much of a mess.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Clanestine Bunny!


I slept beautifully,

Who wouldn't?

Who wouldn’t?

…and woke the next morning refreshed and feeling very pampered.  I made myself some coffee with the fancy Keurig machine with nearly 25 choices for coffee.  I then made a lovely breakfast and cleaned up after myself.  All this while my poor husband was sleeping on the ground and pooping in the woods.  (I’m so glad he doesn’t read my blog!)  Since we plan to turn our new little investment house into a VRBO, you can bet I was taking notes on how to do things right.  There are so many elements to think about and details to consider and my stay was like having a course in VRBO 101.

Now, if you want to check this little haven out you can go to this site to look at the calendar, check out some more pictures, and see the nightly rates.

Oh, did I mention that this loft is only 375 square feet???

Thank you Dale & Rita!  I really enjoyed being “Queen For a Day!”

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