Konstruction & Kittens

PHASE ONE of the cottage renovations are done.  The little porch is now covered and the stairs have been narrowed and moved to the side.

Cute huh?

Cute huh?

Of course we’ll paint it but that will come much later.  For now we’re just tweaking some things…

The never-ending battle between pebbles and sod!  Sod is winning. :)

The never-ending battle between pebbles and sod! Sod is winning. 🙂

…and this week we’ll be taking measurements and making a drawing to submit to the ARB (Architectural Review Board) for the parking pad and carport.

When we’re not working on this project, we’re having fun with a smaller indoor project that’s a lot more fun and quite a bit less expensive.

Those are DECORATIVE guys!

Those are DECORATIVE guys!

Oh, and the first thing Jim did when he got back from his trip was to check out the three foster “sisters” I got from the shelter.  Turns out that two of the little girls are NOT. 🙂  Jim is an expert at sexing kittens and he’s available for all your kitten-sexing needs for a nominal fee (free).




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